After 'Avengers: Endgame,' the MCU Has a Chance to Get Riskier

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I just don’t see any evidence that Marvel wants to really get risky. We know what’s coming up next. None of what is coming down the pipeline looks risky at all in any real way. Marvel in the comics has never been the riskiest company. I don’t see the movies changing up what has worked for them. They got to three billion dollar movies in a two year span by convincing people that doing very popular things was risky.
Even if they had risky ideas we know they’ll take the safest approach possible (see: the way the director/producers talked about the casting for the ancient one, killmonger being over the top evil so as to make sure his points are delegitimized, S.H.I.E.L.D. not being a problem just a few bad apples that were spoiling the bunch, etc).
This isn’t to say the future movies won’t be good, I just don’t see them being risky at all.


I’ve never felt so vindicated in my feelings about Iron Man. This article encapsulates all of my issues with the MCU. Skin cleared, crops watered, etc.

Sadly, I don’t harbor any illusions that the films’ tone might change now that they’ve offed the guy.

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Naw, it’s staying the same, and characters are gonna stay on their hamster wheels of progression.

The films are too beholden to the comics in the most dumb ways. They want to do the big moments but aren’t patient enough to set them up properly. Marvel is just gonna keep churning out mostly fine movies because people will keep showing up to them.

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Great article. Tony Stark was always a fascistic neoliberal piece of shit and Marvel certainly seem 100% behind that ideologically but if his death opens up any new narrative possibilities for the MCU I would hope the creators they’ve hired could find a way to subvert his legacy. The MCU in general is super interesting for giving corporate types the space and time to use iconic images and characters to indoctrinate people politically (evidenced by Tony Stark even being the center of the MCU) but the cast is becoming less homogenous and so are the creators behind the camera so hopefully there’s still room to subvert and create something interesting.