After Hundreds of Hours of 'Into the Breach,' I'm Inventing New Challenges

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For me with Into the Breach I got normal victories with each squad, did achievement hunting on normal difficulty, and won with the secret squad on normal. My next thing is finding the last two secret things while trying to get a normal victory with each of the pilots, trying to figure out which squad best suits them.

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I’m actually want more out of Into the Breach and I didn’t do much of any of the challenges. I beat the game a few times with a squad I liked, Rusting Hulks. Then after that, there was like nothing to do. I don’t like to get achievements in games so a game built all around the idea didn’t have much for me.

Is it awful for me to wish there was like a 12 hour story campaign instead of run-based system?

I looove Dark Souls, but I play it in a very narrow, focused way. So I set up a Daily Challenge-esque set of rules to make me play runs that challenged and limited me so I didn’t play the same way every time.

I used humanity as “lives”, where I basically had to turn myself human all the time, and I died if I ran out of humanity. But then I also had a list of 41 other limitations. I’d start the game with one of these 41, and then every time I beat a boss, a new one was rolled and added.

Some favourites:

4 - Kill every NPC I meet
23 - No killing enemies (except bosses)
37 - Praise the Sun - Immediately after killing any enemy, gesture before doing anything else

The full set of rules was written up in a doc here, for the curious.


I did this a lot with Orcs Must Die and OMD2. After beating the levels so many times, I started trying dumb challenges like “Guardians Only”, “Grinders Grinders Grinders”, and “Oops! All Spring Traps!”. There’s something magical about seeing whole waves of orcs getting tossed around by wall-to-wall steam traps.

God those were good video games.

Re: ITB challenges, I think I’ve just about reached the limit.

Also I strongly recommend the Four Job Fiesta . There’s still time to get your runs in for this year!


Jesus Christ. You dont fuck about I see.

Its cliche and not original but for me I play GTA and follow the rules of the road, only to hop out the car and murder folks. But I try be patient when driving and still drive safe when escaping police and prefer to hide rather than fly down the streets at 160 mph.

Similarly I played Watch dogs 2 recently and played in as a pacifist because im a hacker, not a super soldier. I also added an element that Marcus was a photographer and that meant I ended up making a watch dogs photo diary which i’ve not updated a while but it can be found here.

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That was me with Breath of the Wild. After about 100 hours I gave myself rules like, I couldn’t change clothes in front of other people (or if it was just cold), I had to eat and sleep once every 24 hours, and I couldn’t change weapons unless my current one broke (similar to how Waypoint’s own permadeath series handled weapons in that game).

My rules were pretty simple on their own, but they added enough of a wrinkle that I ended up interacting with a lot of systems that I just didn’t before. I was actually going out to look for coal and wood to make campfires, and I was getting health boosts at each town’s unique inn. I still wonder a little as to why the game has some of those features, but I greatly appreciate how well it supported my want to play it in a more sim-y fashion.

(Psst, you might be interested in “The Scorched Contract” mod (here). It adds a new challenge after every boss, and it gets almost impossibel after a while :wink: )

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