After Thinking Battle Royale Games Weren't For Me, I Tried 'Fortnite'

I know. This is the sort of opinion that will get me plenty of side-eye with my colleagues, who got extremely into Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and for good reason. But I think I like Fortnite much better.

I respect PUBG. But the one time I played it, I got stuck in roof geometry until I died, then, in the next match, I realized that controller support was half-assed, and I can’t play mouse and keyboard games thanks to a bad wrist. So, I was completely, utterly useless, with no real roadmap to not be useless.

Also… honestly, I never liked the way PUBG looks. I’m sorry! It looks like Unity Asset store stuff. Maybe it is! Again, I’m sorry!

But picking up Fortnite—and I’ve only played a teeny tiny smidgen at this point, and only on-stream with my friends and coworkers—I immediately had fun. I was capable of doing things, as a total scrub, even if that just meant breaking a bunch of crap and building useless staircases. I’m bad, but I can see the road, at least, to actually becoming a competent player. And, lord be praised, I can play with a controller and not be completely borked.

I really dig some of the PVE elements, and here’s the real shocker: I don’t dislike the way it looks. At first glance (and I think I said this on the podcast once), I wasn’t impressed, but actually playing it, it reminds me just a bit of Sunset Overdrive and Saints Row. The whole thing is over-the-top, but knowingly so, all bullshit cartoons and low-grade satire that’s actually fun to muck about in, as game worlds go.

So yes, I know this makes me one of the unwashed masses (worse, a teen among the unwashed masses), but I can’t lie. Fortnite just appeals to me a little more than PUBG.

Auntie Knuckles ain’t proud.

How about you, dear readers? Do you have a game that is a total ripoff/and or maybe the less cool version of something that you just can’t help but prefer? Let us know in the forums!

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It really does take a change with visual, accessibility, and a good crew to really get you in a new type of game.

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I appreciate the mention of Fortnite’s art style being good. Maybe I’m the odd one out, but I really like the cartoony aesthetic a whole lot. It’s easily readable in a gameplay sense, bright and cheery, and it scales well from my iPhone to my Xbox One X (it looks so good in 4K). Plus, it feels good to spend hours on end looking at Fortnite than it is to look at the latest grimdark shooter. But yeah, at launch it wasn’t the greatest looking game, but the graphics updates makes the world look far more lush and vibrant.

Also, the constantly changing skins that people are wearing reinforces the chill “we’re all having fun” vibe that helps to soften the image of the inherently brutal battle royale genre.


The looks are one of the few things I really liked in my experience with the game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

EDIT: To further expand on thoughts of the article though, gatekeeping genres to certain games within it sucks. It’s not like fortnite is a casual version of the battle royale, I found the crafting metas made it much harder for me actually and was partly what led to me enjoying it less. PUBG and Fornite tap into different skills and different kinds of game-sense, and the fact that people have the choice to play either is only good for games.


Do you have a game that is a total ripoff/and or maybe the less cool version of something that you just can’t help but prefer?

Yes. Yes, I do. And I’ll stand by it until the day I die.


F Burnout Paradise. This the real king of the open world racers.


I really like how the cartoony look and mechanics of the game make it feel less formal and intense, compared to PUBG. It feels like there are a lot more ways to make your own fun™.

My first battle royale game was pubg (aside from some Minecraft pvp servers), and when one of my friends got into fortnite last fall, I was initially skeptical. But playing with him and other friends, I came to enjoy it a lot more, and not just because my computer could actually run it at more than 20 FPS.

A few months ago, my buddy and me had the idea of trying to recreate famous buildings of the world in the game, and we’ve since made a little video series out of it, which has been really fun, and I don’t think would be possible in any other game, really. We recently built the “Eiffel Tower” and then proceeded to win the game!


Fortnite’s aesthetic is irresistible. It’s refreshing and cheery, but not cloying. Although it’s not particularly inspired, I think they executed on it very well. And my GOD is it well-optimized! I just wish the controls were a little less ‘arcadey’, for lack of a better phrase. I can’t get into bunnyhopping shotgun fights - they’re just not what I’m looking for from this genre. I like the tension of sneaking, of hunting. I haven’t yet found that in this game, as predator or prey. I’m excited to give Radical Heights a shot when it gets further down the line. Glad you’re digging the game, Danielle!


I’ll never understand why so few people recognize that Kirby is Nintendo’s best platformer series. Who cares about that plumber dude? Kirby was turning into everything decades earlier, fighting cosmic evil with a grin (or a glare, in America).

Anyway, Fortnite definitely appeals more than Plunkbat to me, and I’m on the other side of my 20s from being a teen. Part of it is that I prefer online shooters where the mechanics support a stand-up scrap. Shooters where death comes fast, whether it’s Plunkbat or CoD or whatever, don’t have the dance I love in TF2 or UT. (Kind of the opposite of kcin’s problem with the game, which is cool.) And games where you can change the shape of the space you’re fighting in are always especially fascinating.


Why are you calling Fortnite a “ripoff” and the “less cool” version of PUBG when you can draw PUBG being a ripoff of H1Z1 which is a ripoff of arma mods which are a ripoff of a minecraft mod… etc. I’m sure a bunch of the gaming press had differing opinions on games like Wolfenstein 2 and Far Cry 5 and you weren’t uncool for it.

Also I think you’re preaching a bit to the choir here at this point, your readership already knows and probably has tried this game being the huge hit phenomenon it’s been.

Keep in mind that’s only been a very recent phenomenon. I remember this past fall trying in vain to convince people on this forum that Fortnite was worth checking out, and it wasn’t until the Drake co-sign that Waypoint Radio began to take it seriously. Even now on the pinned thread there’s a lot of people fighting their skepticism and trying the game for the first time. So I don’t really think this is a case of preaching to the choir.