AGDQ 2019 - What are the top three you're looking forward to?


I started actually watching GDQ last summer, 2018 and enjoyed just watching random ones, but there are so many communities and games it’s hard to sift through it or to know when to tune in or to go back to.

So, out of curiosity and for those who might not know:
What are the three games/blocks you’re looking forward to this GDQ?

If you are posting here after the fact or after a few days, please feel free to instead list 3 highlights.


Hitman 2, definitely.

With how people have managed to create incredible projectile weapons from the briefcase, how people have out-janked the systems to get the most ridiculous kill, I can see these runs being hilarious and amazing.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 would be cool. I’d like to see what tactics speed runners use to blaze through those levels.

And I had a GREAT time watching the Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight run last year. I hope they go for a faster time this year.


They should race Obra Dinn, just to see who can click the fastest.


I thought about that one, but that’d be just whoever can do the pattern quickest right?

Unless they can break the game, seems like that wouldn’t have so much creativity.


I think it would be interesting in some capacity. There’s probably a critical path you can take to some extent. Mostly it would just be funny to watch. Oh who could th… oh never mind.


I always love the Sonic Block. The Adventure games weren’t great when they came out and seeing people tear them apart is fantastic.

Unfortunately most of the games I’m most interested in seeing this year are on at bad times for me because I’m in the UK. Things like Splatoon’s Octo Expansion, Dead Cells and Celeste are all on crazy late at night for me.

But yeah, Top 3 I’m most looking forward to are
Sonic Block
Dead Cells.


Watching the archive of the Metal Gear Solid 2 run and my god, it’s a work of art.


Gotta say, the dude reading donations during the Castlevania block really needs to learn to read the room. When you read a joke donation saying it’s “from the runner’s dad” and the runner responds well enough but points out it’s in poor taste because his dad is dead maybe you don’t then continue to read fake family member donations. Like what was he hoping to do? find another dead relative?


I don’t know about a top 3 since I haven’t looked at the schedule too closely, but I am very excited for the Octo Expansion run later today!


Final Fantasy 9, estimated 9 hours, that could be fun to tune into over the day. Same with Wind Waker. 100% runs are fun because they are so ridiculously long often. Wanna look at that european extreme MGS2 run too, because that game is the best. Tasbot playing Aria of Sorrow, you can sign me up for that.


It’s always going to be the Awful block, but this year in particular because it’s full of really cool games.

Aside from that, I just saw that there’s a FF4 Free Enterprise race happening, which are usually quite entertaining.


Anything with Sonic. The older I get the more I genuinely enjoy Sonic stuff.

Coincidentally I’m watching the Sonic Forces right now and it can be a bummer when the commentator/runner throw jabs at game devs for glitches etc.


The MGS2 pro-stratz are complicated