Ah, Screw It, Let's Rumor Monger About This Week's Game Awards

As the days pass on and the weather gets colder (then warmer, then colder again), we're finally leaving beyond the rush of big AAA fall games. Sure, we still found time to chat about new releases like Just Cause 4, BattleTech: Flashpoint, and (more) Darksiders 3, but under this bright December sun, our focus has shifted: Today, we talk about video game industry news and rumors.

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Here is to hope that on the Game Award 2018, they are going to finally, finally show gameplay of Death Stranding, interface and whatnot. 2 and half years with about 30 minutes long cinematic should not be how a video game, a piece of interactive media marketed.


One of the things I wasn’t expecting to hear this year was Patrick shouting “I want to watch more Neon Genesis Evangelion!”


Who knows what Geoff Keighley will unveil at the Keighley’s. Only Keighley really knows.

There’ll be a twinkle in his eye as he, dressed to the nines, delivers all the goods like Santa on Christmas morn. Prizes for all the good boys and girls of the games industry, things to look forward to in the months/years ahead. There’ll be merry banter between him and Reggie as he pokes for exclusive announcements. Awkward outbursts from over excitable game devs that’ll make excellent clickbait. There’ll be that equally weird energy he always has around his best friend and idol Hideo Kojima as he unveils yet another purplexing Death Stranding trailer.

But who knows what could happen? I’ll watch live for the cringe.


Related to Stellaris chat, it’s weirdly gross to volunteer in an NGO focused on preventing modern slavery and then read a blog post from a developer excitedly talking about the new Slave Market feature. Maybe… people don’t need to be able to fulfill their messed up slave empire fantasies.