'Alien: Isolation' Is a Horror Story for a World Ruined by Private Equity

The dread of the workplace looms large in pop culture, but also selectively. It reflects the fears not of people on whom the burdens of feeding and maintaining a modern society tend to fall, but of the people who enjoy just enough privileged to be spared those burdens. Charting the relationship between labor and capital through the lens of popular entertainment is therefore a mug's game. It's not a leading indicator, but a trailing one: pop culture doesn't fear what might happen, it fears that what is already happening to other people might happen to people who are supposed to matter.

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There is a lot of really good lore to be found in this game, audio and text logs, even audio logs from the original cast of alien. All whilst your constantly avoiding being hunted down and killed by the alien creature and trying to work through an area as quickly as possible, where searching every nook and cranny for collectibles is not what you want to be doing at all.

God damn Rob is a good writer.

i really need to get around to playing this game one day.

also, robs piece is :fire: :fire: :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: