All of the new characters shown for Dynasty Warriors 9 thus far


Dian Wei is absolutely my favorite.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms? More like Let me Romance All of the Three Kingdoms, At Once, Thank You.

Everyone’s looking ace and I’m starting to feel the hype for this game. Though I’m gonna miss Lu Bu’s Xing Tian inspired Chest-Face armor.


I agree the Xing Tian face was cool but they said at the onset they want to go back to traditional garb with fantasy inspired hooks.


cow cow looks pretty good


Congrats to Liu Bei for finally regrowing that facial hair.


@ChefLuBu, thank you for your kindness… and this good, good thread.


Honestly never looked too closely at DW character designs but looking through these…they’re all great…


Best part is this is only like 1/5th of the cast


New Adds: Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, DaQiao, XiaoQiao and China’s best dad of all time Xiahou Yuan


Guess I’m buying this game. I haven’t played a mainline DW game in forever, mostly just stuck to their other spinoffs like Hyrule Warriors.


i’m sooo excited for this game. man.


The designs keeps getting better in Dynasty Warriors, I really like it




I wasn’t into Dynasty Warriors before but after Hyrule Warriors I’m gonna give this series a shot. Is 9 as good a place as any to jump in, or am I missing a whole bunch of lore. Well, besides the real-life history that’s already explained in the game, that is.


Generally every DW game tells the same story, just slightly more in depth because of new playable characters and kingdoms.

EDIT: I’d also suggest playing DW 7, since that was the last game to offer an english dub and the dub was pretty decent. They also clearly put more effort into the story and cut-scenes, characters actually had development.


Yes, please. I’ll miss the crossed pike, but this is a very good design.


yeah listen. just release dynasty warriors 9 directly into my veins


My daughter is gorgeous


9 is as good as any. The difference in games is the depth and breadth they can give. The story is to big for one game.


I’m really excited for this, and also (hopefully) DW9 Empires, because i’m such a sucker for big dumb strategy stuff