All of the new characters shown for Dynasty Warriors 9 thus far


Four new adds today.

For my money, Zhang He is the stand out of the bunch. He looks cooler than ever, no butterfly wings or wolverine claws. Neat chain pants. Ma Dai looks better, glad they scrapped the worthless paintbrush. Zhou Yu and Sima Shi look like simply better models of their old outfits but that’s fine.


Some new additions(Ma Chao, Sun Ce, Jia Chong). Sun Ce seems to have lost his Tonfas


Jia Chong looks great and less sickly evil. Fuck Ma Chao.


does jia chong still have his throwing axes? Those were ridiculous in 8


my tonfas :sob:

you will be missed Sun Ce


New additions and a NEW character, Xu Sheng

Next is the Jin combo of wife and husband, Wang Yuanji and Sima Zhao.

Then comes the Wei husband and wife, Cao Pi and Zhen Ji

And then for some reason a brother sister combo, Xing Cai and Zhang Bao


sweating profusely

Real talk I love that y’all are as excited as I am for this.


New character screens today as usual, a little Wei heavy.

I really hope they didn’t take out Wang Yi’s sai knife’s those were cool

Man, they somehow made Guo Huai even MORE lame (seriously he looks like a generic officer almost), and took away his cool cannon weapon.

eh, I like the the giant axe over the his lance.

Look at this traitorous punk.

and finally this old dude.

Gonna be a lot more info soon with TGS coming up.


I’m 100% gonna play Xu Sheng

Also we gotta appreciate how they’ve been increasing the quality of their designs, we’ve come a long way from 5 (or was it 6 ?)


Inty Xiahou Ba and that superhero look. I’m here for those Chakrams too.

Gonny miss Huang Gai’s Boat badly, but at that big ass hunk of metal is very much in the spirit of the thing, so I’m down.


that’s not a boat :anguished:


It might not be a boat but I’m glad Huang Gai is still showing off is Huang Thighs.


All of these look really good and I’m really excited for this game but i feel disappointed by some of the weapon changes.


according to some recent interviews and info, all characters will retain “unique moves for their specific weapon” similar to in DW 8, they just won’t also be carrying two other sets of weapons around.


Man, I haven’t played a DW since 5, but these… these really make me want to jump in. These characters have always been so excellent


Hadn’t seen this one yet

THAT WEAPON :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


Places I am for Guan Yinping:
☐ Somewhere else
:ballot_box_with_check: Here


“Yes, hello? I just wanted to call and tell you that the double flail thing isn’t really working.”
“Hmmm… okay. How about a spiked club?”
“What’s the hook?”
“All the spikes are 2 feet long and could literally rip a person in half.”


1000% Yes!


In addition to the YinPing up above here’s some new stuff:

Aww they got rid of Yi’s finger whips, though I suppose that was expected.

Here’s the TGS trailer if your interested (it’s mostly the same stuff from the last trailer):

Here’s some gameplay footage from TGS (Featuring Guo Jia and Xun You, respectively):


New character alert: Cao Xiu, nephew of Cao Cao who treated more as a son. Oddly he was an officer for several battles and led a semi successful campaign against Wu, but the only time he appears as a generic officer in past games is the one battle he loses miserable and dies.

Zhu Ran looks…uh Blushes

Sooo…are they gonna add a new Jin character, cause it kind of seems like no.