All sandwiches are technically lasagnas

multiple pieces of bread with stuff inside= lasagna
one piece of bread opened with stuff inside= gyro
one piece of bread with stuff on top= tostada

sorry kids that’s just MATH


I think you may be on to something.

It might be easier for us to decide what sandwiches aren’t at this rate.

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This is just straight up offensive.


I mean, you may be onto something. But like we should really figure out if a hot dog is a sandwich or not.

But can you put pinapple on a sandwich

Do the pieces of bread need to be bread? Does noodle count as bread? If noodle is bread, is lettuce bread? How about lettuce wraps then, are they gyro?

But most importantly, how do hot dogs fit into this? Are they gyros by this definition or tostadas?

if you believe in yourself, yes.

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the shitposting forum was a huge mistake


Important addendum: What about corndogs

I like the way you

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It’s like a donut? But with meat? So like a kolache?

I like to be nice and make friends but this is the worst iteration of this thread I’ve ever seen.


Corn dogs are just a closed version of the open-faced sandwich that is a hot-dog

Which therefore makes it a lasagna

The line must be drawn here. This far, no further.

so wait what’s actual lasagna then? Is it the OG :hamburger:

I’m pretty sure that a Lasanga is technically a subspecies of a Pie


hot dogs are gyros


So what is an ice cream sandwich? A cold lasagna?

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i feel like lasagna is determined by the wetness of the thing? so like maybe a french dip is a lasagna but a sub is not.