All That Jazz (Literally. I Want To Hear Some Jazz Please)


Are you someone who enjoys using your ears to experience Jazz? Well this is the thread for you. Hit me with your favorite jazz tunes!

Whether it graced the stage of the Savoy in the 30’s or was just played for the first time at that mysterious bar down the street. Whether it’s a beloved standard or completely obscure. Instrumental or with vocals. I want to hear it! Songs from other genres that incorporate some particularly jazzy elements are welcome too!

Feel free to tell us a bit about what you like about jazz and how you got into it as well.

To get us started off, here are a couple of my favorites:

Takuya Kuroda- Rising Son

Maybe a bit closer to funk than jazz, but it’s wonderful nonetheless. I love a tight drum sound and from the first moment I heard those rim clicks during the intro, I was hooked. I also love the sound of horns recorded in a small space. Typically horns are pushed back with quite a bit of reverb, but I dig feeling like the horn player is 8 ft. away from me.

Coleman Hawkins- Body and Soul

Coleman Hawkins’ playing is extremely melodic and emotional. The way he accents phrases makes you really feel what he’s saying. I’ve always responded strongly to laid back jazz, perhaps because Animal Crossing’s music is what first got me interested in it, and Coleman Hawkins delivers on that front.

Can’t wait to hear what ya’ll are listening to!


Here is some jazz that I like a lot.


Oh heck, this is the thread for me!!!

To start with take it mellow with the quintet,

Cannonball Adderley is such a fantastic guy to listen too, various members of his bands (and cannonball himself!) orbited around miles davis. No better period for jazz music than that period imo

Another set of Davis’ alumni, Joel Zawinul and weather report featuring one of the greatest to do the bass, Jaco

And then, the king himself. In a silent way redefined what jazz is, what it could be and in my opinion, predicted electronica. Full album well worth a listen

And something a bit more modern, the opening 1-2 of the philadelphia experiment sets out their staall: no genre is safe from them they will have at it all

Maceo parker and his band (basically THE backing horns band of the funk era…played with pfunk, JB, if you listen to rap music you have heard these guys) did some stellar live takes


It’s usually Thelonius for me.

Or Charles Mingus

I’ve always been partial to bebop and that era. I’m excited to hear what other people are listening to!


Oh also this is extremely important. Definitely click through and listen to the subsequent parts as Jon’s playing becomes… something.


All great picks! It’s so fascinating to trace the lineage of musicians who worked with Miles. There are so many that are now considered ‘the greats’ as well! I haven’t listened to The Philadelphia Experiment before, but you know I’m BUMPIN it now!

I’ve been meaning to get into them more! I’ve listened to Moanin’, but tbh that’s about it as far as Mingus goes.

I didn’t read that it was Jon Benjamin at first, so I was like “Oh wow, some truly avant garde stuff here” :sweat_smile:


For me, it doesn’t get much more essential than Wayne Shorter. He’s by far my favorite classic player. I love the way he plays; his melodies are smooth and full of questions. He takes time with his melody and solos. Th town is soft an billowy. I’m a big fand of Moto Grosso Feio and Odyssey of Iska and, actually, you know what, pretty much any album he’s put out has been my style. It’s such a unique thing to have an artist who hits all the notes. Here’s a classic if you’re unfamiliar. And something a little wild.

Fun story: I was able to see him with a quartet live in Seattle. He played an amazing show. They took one intermission. None of the players said a word, they played the whole time through. Except for Wayne, near the end of the show, said into a mic, I guess referencing something they were playing: “You know that movie War Games?.. At the end of the movie, it said ‘Game Over’.” That’s all he said for the whole show.

Here’s the first song I ever heard by him:

I’m gonna list some artists real quick: Esperanza Spalding is my jazz mom and I really really like her! Sonny Sharrock is the best goddamn jazz guitarists I know of! Satoko Fujii is a really underappreciated pianist who I was lucky enough to come across at a sale! Archie Shepp wrote some amazing jazz epics! I don’t know, uh, Greg Osby is pretty wild! There’s a lot more to bring up! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! I’ll probably come back to this thread later because I love jazz and even the word “jazz” is a fun word and jazz is a good thing for everyone! Yes yes yes yes yes!


This thread doesn’t have enough gypsy jazz.

Though I guess gypsy jazz is just my excuse to pretend that electroswing is still jazz and post some Caravan Palace.


something old:

something new(ish):

something in-between:

oh also, just btw (as he’s not really my jam), there is a fuck ton of Sun Ra available to freely be streamed:

edit: lol apparently two of those are repeats from this thread which you might want to check out for more rcommendations: Jazz Fans, Hello


Scandinavian Jazz group Jazzkamikaze has some really good, energetic stuff


Haven’t been listening to that much Jazz lately but Spiritual Unity by Albert Ayler will always be one of my favourite albums


Please, please listen to The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady!


I am so happy to see all this bebop representation with Mingus and Monk! I gotta throw in some Dizzy Gillespie. He’s mainly known for his bebop era, but his contributions to the jazz fusion movement were huge too.


I picked up a vinyl pressing of this album a while back while browsing the used bins at Reckless. Its pretty wild.


This is always where I go when jazz is brought up. I love this album.


Definitely check out Kamasi Washington’s work! He’s a big part of the LA music scene, working with greats like Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus. In 2015 he put out a 3 hour album of just straight fantastic jazz called The Epic, and this year dropped an easier half hour EP, Harmony of Difference, that’s a great place to start.

Ronald Bruner, Jr. is another recent fav of mine. He’s a drummer with a knack for extreme power and speed, and a great voice on top of that! He plays with Kamasi Washington, and is a brother of the more well known Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat. He’s got an album this year, Triumph, that goes everywhere from jazz to R&B to hip hop, and it’s just a real fun listen! It features an extremely intense collaboration with the late George Duke that might be my favorite song this year.


I enjoy Jazz a lot. Though I have not been keeping up much lately. I enjoy both contemporarty, modern and old hard bop Jazz.

Just posting some stuff I found to be quite underrated in the year of 2017.


I ordered a vinyl of this but I never got it thanks to Amazon messing up the order (and haven’t got around to getting it since).

While I’m posting I’ll share another cool album this time by Anthony Braxton


I am so looking forward to watching every video here.

Here’s Victor Wooten crushing it like he do (with a broken string!):

And for something different, Gerry Mulligan. This clip’s long, but the first song they play, “Ring Around a Bright Star,” is one of the most whistle-able jazz tunes:

Also let’s not forget about boat jazz :wink: :


How about some Herbie Hancock, one of my favs.