All the Smaller-But-Still-Cool News From Sony's Paris Event

As part of Sony's Paris Games Week event, the company announced a slew of games, release dates, and showed all sort of trailers. If you missed the livestream, I've collected the major announcements from the show below.

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I honestly can’t believe that Detroit trailer. Why would David Cage ever believe he could handle domestic abuse well? Every single game has an exploitative shower scene and a horrific rape scene and then we’re supposed to believe he can handle anything controversial with some class? Screw that.

Thankfully Guacamelee 2 will be as great as the first, the Destiny DLC might make me actually play more than once a week, and the Shadow of the Colossus remake will be another great trip to that world. Erica also looks rather interesting but I’m quite nervous about it. I think it’s another game that could really be centered around how the developers handle controversial content which is always worrying.

Good on you Sony. Just keep those good games coming.

Yeah, I don’t think their approach to trying to sell this game is very good at all. They have a lot to prove about the world and writing that I wish they’d focus on, instead of trying to impress with lots of (probably misleading) multiple choice options

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I’m suuuuper excited for Guacamelee 2! The first game was the first Metroidvania-ish game I’ve ever really liked and actually finished.

Oh man. Guacamelee 2?!

Things I didn’t know I needed. And very badly. :exploding_head: And soon-ish!

why do you even care about trailer for a game made by a guy/studio that you obviously just don’t like?
i am not sure what we are supposed to belive but i would rather wait for a final product/reviews
and don’t get me wrong i don’t belive he can handle any story my only hope with this game
is that people can learn from their mistakes or maybe this time he allowed other people have
more input into the story

Guacamelee 2 is very interesting. I liked that first game quite a bit, although its reliance on very meme-y humour and the lucha aesthetic didn’t sit super well with me (the former because it’s just not my thing, the latter from just a sense of hesitation).

Because I enjoyed Heavy Rain? Because I played through Indigo Prophecy? Because I don’t want to see another game handle topics by just tossing them to the side? I love Visual Novels and I love story-driven games. I apologize if my tone was aggressive in my initial comment, but I think that I’m allowed to comment on what I believe the state of Cage’s games are.

I am definitely not going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I figured Detroit would be a whatever-game and then everyone would forget about it. Hell, there was that article not long ago where Cage states, " I didn’t want to deliver a message to mankind with this game. I just want to ask questions" which to me seems counter-intuitive to this newer trailer. This new trailer touches on something deep and important to the majority of people, and then pretends as if there’s going to be hundreds of different ways to save this child, or maybe to let her get beat. But past experience shows that that is not going to happen, and I really don’t want more games that handle these topics poorly. I also wanted to highlight that Cage’s games are problematic and he has not tried to steer away from that at all.

i didn’t say you are not allowed to comment i am just a little bit confused
you seem to know what are you getting into when you play his games
like with all his games you can hope for best but yeah like you said they just are problematic
and detroit seems like more of the same - weird mess of very intense random moments often handled very poorly
put together into something that is i guess a story

Something I thought of when I saw that trailer is, well, as I said somewhere else: I felt that showing the domestic violence then saying “things could’ve been different” came uncomfortably close to victim blaming.

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