Alternate Uses for Skills and Lessons from Video Games

I’ve recently started learning Kendo and aside from the obvious parallels, I’ve found that a surprising number of skills and lessons I’ve taken away from my time with the Souls series have had a significant influence on the way I’m approaching and practicing the martial art.

Reading my opponent, timing my attack and of course, repeatedly failing until finally succeeding.

The skills in patience, practice and ability to enjoy and appreciate failure as part of the learning process are things I significantly lacked before encountering the Souls games and have most definitely enhance my experience with Kendo.

How about y’all?

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To supplement, I made a similar topic a few months back.

Perseverance and practice have been a big one for me lately, with Celeste and Dragon Ball Fighters Z being good examples of that. The latter especially, considering the amount of depth and effort that’s involved. I tend to have a natural affinity for most games so “practice” has never really been in the equation when it comes to PvE stuff. There’s always someone better than you in PvP, though, and improving past the point of being good enough to finish a game competently to being great enough to go up against new challengers is a new experience for me.


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