Am I alone in finding the royal wedding extremely frustrating?


I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alienated from the world than I do right now after spending 5 minutes on fucking Twitter in the wake of the fucking British royal family doing something.

Like, I’m not asking for everyone to become insurrectionist Anarchists. But is it too much to ask for that we don’t keep celebrating families that are the literal embodiment of Imperialism and the oppression of the working people everywhere? Is that really too much to ask?

Liberals, can you not start liking holdovers from Feudalism because there’s a Black face attached to it now?

Black people and POC in general, can we not start loving the descendants of colonizers because one of them decided one of us was worthy of their love?

British people, why the fuck didn’t you do the right thing and murder your royal family like France did?

Americans, stop, please. The whole conceit of this nation (besides slavery and genocide) was to never have to give a fuck about what these people who wear crowns and robes do. The only time it’s actually justifiable to have some sort of American pride is when you look at country’s who still have kings and shit.

Or maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m just too radical, too much of an extremist or something.


I’m glad I’ve curated my online experience such that about 90% of the royal wedding tweets I saw were ‘david beckham is hot’

but no yeah the monarchy sucks get rid of it


Yesterday was fucking weird. My timeline which is normally people mostly yelling about guillotines and wealth distribution was replaced with people engaging with the spectacle on seemingly face value. “Let people enjoy things” doesn’t seem like it should apply to something so rooted in the worst aspects of British history yet I was found restraining myself lest I be a fun policing killjoy.


“Extremist” is a relative term so, maybe? But you’re definitely not an unreasonable. The monarchy is a corrupt, unjust institution that needs to be abolished and its holdings given back to the people. Luckily for me, my twitter timeline reacted to the wedding mostly with “abolish the monarchy”, but there was one “if you criticize people for liking the wedding, you’re a misogynist”. That was a quick unfollow.


Yeah the whole Monarchy thing seems to get overlooked really quickly in critical discussion even among the left. Black Panther for example had a lot of people arguing about what made a good king or a bad king, but with no mention to be found of whether kings are fundamentally an A-grade problem.

It definitely gives me mixed feelings. I don’t have anything against the couple in particular and wish them a happy marriage, and like everyone else got amused by some of the memes that came out of it, but the media hype of the whole process as being more dreamy and romantic than a regular wedding because a Prince is involved doesn’t sit well with me, especially when I know that the marketing of all the “royal weddings” lately have been a deliberate PR move by the British royal family.


This forum has been one of the few places where I’ve felt safe to call out the bullshit that is the wedding (the other being ranting at my cats). I can’t believe the position that the royals can get fucked is an extremist position but here we are. The British get way too much of a free pass for their history. Like we criticize the Japanese for glossing over WW2 atrocities but no one says shit when a Brit gets teary eyed over God Save the Queen. I mean these are the people that invented the Atlantic slave trade. So fuck em.


I especially wish there’d be more critical thinking here in Australia about blatant PR campaigns like this, since whether to get rid of the Monarchy is still an eternally relevant political issue and stuff like this Royal Wedding could affect how people vote when the Queen dies and we have our next referendum on becoming a Republic.


Between The King’s Speech and Darkest Hour, it’s like there’s an industry just whitewashing British fascist sympathizers and imperialists.


Oh god the fucking The King’s Speech. Like I’m supposed to give a shit over a rich ponce’s stutter when 50 million people are about to die? How in the hell does shit like that get fawned over by the film industry? White people, get your shit together.


I had the same experience with Twitter and even my wife, who is just as much of a lefty as me on most things, looked at me like I was a rambling conspiracy theorist when I told get how baffled I was that people were so into the wedding.

You can reasonably argue the British Crown has done more bad in the world than any other institution in history, so, no, actually, I’m not exited that they’re throwing a fancy party today.


The amount of aspirational posts I saw yesterday that were basically like ‘wow one of the riff raff has ascended, don’t give up on your dreams’ is baffling to me. What do people who actually aspire for something like that actually expect to get from it?


I saw a news article go up on my news feed title “It’s okay to enjoy the royal wedding” and my first thought was that nobody I saw who wanted to watch it seemed to be questioning whether or not it was right. It kind of pissed me off because it seems there is no strong anti-imperial voice in any media, so where was the idea that people were being oppressed for wanting to see a fancy wedding coming from?

And of course, I didn’t want to be a left-wing killjoy, as people seem to already consider me that because I’m already always posting about lefty causes, so I didn’t say anything. Maybe I’m part of the problem?


Thank you. Fuck the queen and eat the rich. The council displaced homeless people (from a town with a castle which has 1000 rooms) to allow for middle class gammons and ‘back to the good old days’ imperialists to camp out on those same streets. Fuck Britain, I never have and never will identify as British, i’m grateful I have my Liverpudlian identity. (Though thats problematic in and of itself with us being the spine of the Atlantic slave trade)


You’re not alone, I promise. The British Monarchy is archaic and inherently white supremacist in nature. It should’ve been burned to the ground a very long time ago, as in before Britain decided to try to 100% conquering the world. Fuck them and their “holy right”.


Can I just say I love this forum, and this thread, bc it feels like home to see people pissed off at the very idea of monarchy much less it being opulent in a time when poverty is on the rise, more and more people in the UK are using foodbanks and people with disabilities are literally dying in unprecedented numbers from being cut off from benefits they previously qualified for.

My favourite argument I saw get absolutely THRASHED on social media was someone trying to argue they bring in tourist revenue, someone just posted financial costs of the last 10 years of their opulent b.s., their travel costs, security costs and all that nonsense (including royal weddings, obviously) compared to revenue of people visiting royal-oriented tourist attractions in the last 10 years to show that wasn’t true at all.

Plus you don’t need them in official positions of power or subsidized by the state in any way for that same tourist money to happen anyway, if that’s even a concern, it doesn’t justify their parasitic relationship with UK budgeting that could be going to alleviating poverty or any number of more useful things.


Thank you. Another ridiculous Facebook argument is the 'Harry provided you security by being in the military, dont complain we are paying for his"

Oh fuck off, he chose to join the military. Invading the middle east certainly doesnt protect me


You’re absolutely not alone.

On the CBC the other day there was a report on the 6 o’clock news about the royals response to displacing the homeless people in Windsor which was… “homeless themed” merch? What the fuck? The idea of these opulent fuckers making a bunch of money off the supposed “aesthetics” of poverty is sickening.

It was followed with probably the worst report on the station I’ve heard in years, in which Serbia’s formerly exiled royalty was used as an example of why monarchy is a structure we need in 2018 as it allows everyone in a country to organize around the monarch and it will create unity of religion among other things. Apparently there’s no conflict under monarchy I guess. Ugh.

Honestly the continued obession with royalty here in Canada by some Liberals and most Tories is just strange to me.

Fuck all this wedding noise.


@ClairvoyantVibes as a settler Canadian? abolish monarchy, abolish Canada, abolish settler-colonialism everywhere and especially abolish people who fetishize any of the above as a net positive


100% with you.

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And then practically abolished the monarchy. Killmonger was right, 100%, and the only reason he’s a villain is because ominous music plays when he talks and because the movie aggressively hates black liberation.