Am I alone in finding the royal wedding extremely frustrating?


Royal wedding hype is fucking ridiculous and I’m glad that my TL literally didn’t mention it at all except for in passing. I’ve heard no mention of it on my dash either. Thank god.


This is starting to get off track, but Killmonger was more dictatorial than the previous guy - he got rid of parts of the old style of monarchy in the sense that he burned their old traditions as a standard CIA destabilisation tactic, but he installed himself as absolute ruler in its place. Classic Cromwell or Napoleon situation, “we’re getting rid of the monarchy, in its place will be my absolute rule which will be passed on to my son when I die”.


That’s extrapolation. He utilizes the existing structures of power, but he builds his rule on winning over the sympathies of other political leaders. There’s no indication (unless I missed something?) that he intends to establish any sort of hereditary rule.

I’m also not sure how burning the old traditions is a CIA tactic? From what I know, the CIA is more likely to use the monarchy to destabilize a progressive regime than overthrow it. Ironically, the assertion that the progressive ruler will become an autocrat is often used by the CIA to justify intervention.


Standard CIA destabilisation tactics was the CIA guy’s explanation during the M’Baku scene for what Killmonger was doing if I remember correctly.

The hereditary rule thing was more a reference to the various “welcome to the new monarchy, same as the old monarchy” situations that have played out in history. By all indications he was shooting loyal subordinates to get his way or instill fear and saying things like “the sun will never set on the Wakandan Empire” with plans for world domination. That was what I took as the tragedy of the film - dedicated to fighting imperialism, his intentions twisted over time and became some of imperialism’s worst traits.


i feel pretty fortunate. i managed to miss out on witnessing any of the hype/coverage. my partner watched some video highlights of it afterwards, but that was it.


I quite enjoyed it myself. Kid’s come a long way really, and it was nice to see a fair few families that had suffered losses get invites and have a pretty cool day out.

Way better news that watching Trump and that N Korean chap argue about who has the biggest dick.


Of all the things that make me painfully aware of the brutal and banal legacy of colonialism and western imperialism that’s woven into every facet of culture, it was about a 5/10 for me.


I don’t feel like I have enough political knowledge of the monarchy to have an opinion beyond “sure seems weird to me” but I find people watching the wedding’s of anyone they’re not personally familiar with confounding.


Ehh, my mom and gf get too much enjoyment out of it to get worked up over it, its not my taxes at least.

I will say tho, I do think there is a distinction in people’s perspective between “the royals” and William and Harry, at least to those of us old enough to remember them standing next to their mother’s casket. Whereas it doesnt seem like anybody feels the need to hide their contempt of Prince Charles for example or the duchess of w/e.


The best hot-take that I took to mind came from NPR’s Happy Hour.

There’s a ton of issues surrounding the Royal family and its history, but it seems to be a much better fit for our day and age where we want politics and reality shows to exist on the same plane. That separation of the cerimonial wing and the legislative allows the public to look away from the human failures (ie minor issues) that happen in parliament.

On the other hand, the distraction from parliament does allow for some crappy people to take over and corrupt the system from the inside. :frowning:


Ummm what were you trying to say there? You don’t have to like the guys, but I remember my mother crying all day when they showed her funeral on TV (only rivaled by JFK jr.'s death). Even if you dont agree with it, people’s reaction to them and it is all is pretty unsurprising.

You might think I should have cursed them out for having fun watching it, but I am comfortable with my choice to play xbox in another room and let them enjoy themselves.


You seem emotionally invested, or something like that, to the point that me trying to point out the positives of the day would be pointless. So I will just back out as the execution comment is a bit too much for me to further engage with.


Monarchy is bad but people love spectacle which I guess is a big part of why monarchy is still around


I understand, no hard feelings. This takes me back to the original title of this thread.

Am I an extremist? What defines that and why? [comment removed - mods]

But this is the modern world, and revolution is unlikely, so I’ll settle with Labour’s stance on legally abolishing the monarchy.

I don’t think you should have done anything. I don’t think you should’ve tried to take away your mother’s enjoyment. All I want is for people to actually think about what all this is, what all this means. That’s all.

I still blame Disney.


Given America’s infatuation with political dynasties and deification of its founding fathers, I find that there’s something more inherently problematic at play. Such as equating success with some sort of genetic justification or a romantic notion of groomed socialites.


@HolierYokoTaro can I just say I love every single thing you’ve said in this thread, on whatever topic?


I think calling for their execution is a little extreme in the context of the modern day, but you already seem to know that, so I won’t push further. I also don’t think waiting around for them to abdicate is even an option, because they never will? Why would they? The royal family gets to live cushy lives off the backs of the citizens of the UK, and in return all they have to do is make a spectacle of themselves every once in a while.

The UK needs to abolish its monarchy. It serves no purpose. Their wealth and property should be seized and given back to the state so it can serve a purpose other than being a bunch of elaborate monuments to imperialism, and maybe once these blue-bloods have to live their lives in the system they’ve allowed to be upheld, they’ll understand where everyone else is coming from.


uh ever since the Industrial Revolution and political/economic “revolutions” of the national bourgeoisie of various nations (the nascent capitalist class trying to negate aristocratic/royal/clerical authority in favour of their own, often dressed in/borrowing from radical populist currents until they can safely dispose of people to the left of them) there’s been a strong trend in royal families (and even aristocratic families not tied to royal succession) of pretty much every European nation (and this trend spread globally after a while to extant monarchies elsewhere) of marrying their children to the sons and daughters of wealthy industrialists, financiers, oil barons, steel magnates, railroad tycoons, and in the present day to pretty much anyone making over a million a year no matter what industry (altho resource extraction, oil/energy and finance remain targets of royals of all nations to marry into) so it’s not exactly like a deposed monarchy would do anything but what other monarchies that saw the writing on the wall when Citizen Louis Capet’s head hit the basket have been doing from time.

Power weasels its way into new power structures, always. There’s plenty of “false Christian! Pagan!!” accusations during the historical transition of the Roman Empire to Christianity because very likely a ton of the Roman upper class converts actually were doing it because they saw the writing on the wall and genuinely didn’t care about anything but saving their necks and preserving their power in the new system of things (and because they all knew most of them were probably doing it for the same reasons, I’m willing to bet a substantial amount of the early accusations came both to and from “false Christians” lmao)

Same shit, different pile.


Remember when Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi to go to a fancy dress party?

Remember when that photo of the Queen as a child throwing up the Nazi salute with the rest of her family was leaked?

Yeah, fuck the Royales. It’s more likely Scotland will get independence first than Britain deciding to become a republic. Either way, one of them needs to happen soon.


Funny how many people here are arguing against violent revolution when the most popular saying in existence in all leftist circles is “eat the rich.”

I think people wanna go easy on royals when they don’t really have significant political power anymore, but they’re guilty of the sins of every single billionaire sucking the poor dry. Also, just as many of them are super racist and sexist because of course they are.