Am I alone in finding the royal wedding extremely frustrating?



Hey, all.

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yeah this is a really good point to keep in mind, sorry for contributing to that!


Loved this premise. We’re supposed to cheer a man’s brave ability to announce the impending death of possibly millions of British subjects. Woohoo!


So fucking fed up of being told to respect them because of how much they’ve done/ they do for the country. Like what?

I do wonder what the crossover of vote leave is with people for the royal family.


I understand you’re trying to impart knowledge about the trends in authority, but this took about five read-throughs for me to get what you were trying to say. I could probably continue this talk but I got what you’re trying to say, so it’s whatever.


Yeah and the thing is the Royals totally do still have political power and not just in their existence allows them to be used as a political tool but also the Crown straight up has veto powers on laws and they do use them.


I am not going to advocate for the purposeful killing of any single individual but if someone who was born into a great deal of wealth and power happened to slip on a banana peel, cartwheeling as to get their head stuck into a bucket and then staggering out of a window to fall neatly into a guillotine then who am I to deny anyone the joy they might get from that?


this was a way back but there is a persistent myth that the monarchy is purely ceremonial and uuhhhh they’re not. actually. they have power of veto and are able to lobby & meet w parliament (the details of which are usually not publicly available so thats cool)

honestly even without that “but my family have FEELINGS about them!” is such a weak defense i cannot even wrap my head around this. this isnt like a fandom thing where it is cool to like a problematic thing we are talking about real existing people who exert political power outside of democracy and earn obscene amounts of wealth while literally millions of people in the country are relying on food banks


On the one hand it’s by pure chance that a child was born and thrown into existence into the royal family. On the other hand, they are so removed from reality its shocking, but can Harry or William be blamed because from a young age they have been molded and groomed into what they need to be in adulthood.

I was speaking to an Australian friend in work and she was angry because Australian law apparently has to be checked & agreed by the queen (even though she no doubt assigns somebody to it). The idea of a royal family is just so absurd if you at all abide by democratic, liberal values. But yanno, capitalism


fuck the monarchy


Eh, the monarchy is like the NFL–an abomination by most moral reckonings that a bunch of people have deep emotional attachment to and which also happens to make non-trivial amounts of tourism revenue for the people who are afflicted by its presence. By all means, hate the monarchy with all of your being, but I think we’re kinda far past the point where such hatred is novel in of itself.


Nobody’s arguing against the monarchy for the sake of novelty?


huh! there appear to be two schools of thought: one side is “i dont really care about british politics”, and the other is “i hate the monarchy”


I don’t know about non-trivial, it’s probably a trivial amount of tourism they actually make compared to if they weren’t there.


Tourists will still come to Britain even if we get rid of the Royale family. The buildings and stuff will all still exist and its not like any of the tourists actually see them anyway. France gets more tourists than the UK does for example.


I dont have the figures, and dont know where to find them, but I would imagine the Beatles museum and tour draws more people


I was pretty miffed at how a number of people I know have so many problems with how wealth is distributed in North America were retweeting comically positive takes and memes about people who live on literal blood money. Like, the difference between these people and the Trump family is basically nothing, but here’s nominal leftists celebrating.

I hate it.


ok, the tl;dr is that I disagree with you that the Brit royals would learn anything or lose privilege in a meaningful enough way to “understand where everyone else is coming from” by being deposed any more than every other deposed royal around the world did after marrying rich capitalists and their progeny (even the families of royals that got iced generally had enough surviving distant relatives with enough status to marry rich enough to keep that bone grip on contemporary power going well above a middle class level, in the case of France claimants came back and tried to revisit monarchy on France not all that long after the Rev itself severed Louis’ head lmao)