Am I alone in finding the royal wedding extremely frustrating?


Oh, yeah, no I got what you were saying after a while, it just took me a bit to parse. I’m not entirely sure that at the stage of capitalism we’re at, anyone would want to marry royals that were penniless, but rich people are into dumb shit all the time, so you’re probably right on that account. It’s wishful thinking to be sure, but that’s what makes it wishful.


they wouldn’t be penniless if they were forced to abdicate lmao they all have investments, property and business holdings and again their extended family tends to marry rich already, and has been since the industrial revolution, they’d be in fine shape if they weren’t subsidized by the UK and given policy vetos and actual power no one wants them to have but the most ardent right-wing sycophants


Oh when I meant take their wealth, I meant all that shit. That’s the people’s property now. Everything they own, everything they will ever own, will never be enough to make-up for what they’ve stolen. But hey, if we’re gonna go around talking about repossessing the wealth of the rich, they’re not exempt.


I mean that’d be ideal, in practice it’s not how most countries (especially neoliberal/neocon capitalist “democracies”) tend to view the possibilities for transitioning away from subsidizing monarchies/monarchical power still being a real thing

but yeah, sure would love it if people could get over milquetoast liberal ideas of not rocking the boat long enough to make lives better for people on the bottom whose lives are entirely stormy seas capsizing boats by repossessing wealth to redistribute, just don’t see much making that shift happen any time soon.

Y’know, short of climate change putting the coasts underwater and making over half of the world’s population into climate refugees furious enough at government/corporate inadequacy in helping them evac or providing emergency services that they start to realize the way we survive has always been and remains helping each other out as communities and that bottom-up power is better than delegating people, even by vote, into top-down power above us to get lobbied by people and corporations richer than us to work against our best interests…which really isn’t a scenario out of the realm of possibility for this century.


The Monarchy should be abolished, it has no place in a 21st Century democracy, and in a country where nurses are using food banks and army veterans are committing suicide because they can’t face the winter, I find it more than a little distasteful.


I think that the ceremony which want to see the whole world has nothing frustrating


@Muntic0re that ceremony’s security costs alone could have funded failing food banks at a time when more people in the UK than ever are using food banks, much less the rest of the extravagant costs of this ridiculous pageantry putting horrible people on display to be adored while those same wealthy bastards do nothing. Makes me think of the austerity address the Queen gave seated on a golden throne a while back, or her billing the UK gov to help heat all her various homes even when no one is in them. They’re not just tone deaf, their opulence is a setpiece and backdrop for them demanding the poor suffer in greater and greater amounts to their benefit.

It’s not just frustrating it’s a cartoonishly villainous example of the Sins of Greed and Pride causing suffering and death that you’d get in Sunday school, only it’s real.


It’s also ridiculous that Parliament have to get Queen’s Consent to even debate anything that affects her. It’s a blatant attack on our democracy.


Another fucking royal wedding that’s involving shipping homeless people away and dehumanising them… Nevermind the tax payers money being used for these rich scum