‘America’s Army’, the Pentagon’s Video Game, Shuts Down After 20 Years

America’s Army: Proving Grounds, a game used as a recruitment tool by the United States government, is shutting down its servers on May 5 after existing in various iterations for 20 years. After that date, the game will be delisted on Steam and removed from the PSN store. Offline matches and private servers will work, but the game will no longer track stats or provide online matches.

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I bet there’s a really good documentary series to be made digging into the history of the various militaries of the world’s role in video games. The US is obviously a major player in the space and the one we hear about the most but I’m curious what other countries military relationship with video games are.

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I always buy store pastry rather than going to the effort of making that shit at home, and I think the Pentagon are following my unassailable logic here.

I booted up Splinter Cell: Blacklist last night and remembered that game’s tagline is “Operate without restrictions”, so I think the private sector has had the military’s messaging on lock for a while now.


I played a bunch of AA back in early 2000s for a few months, the original slow tactical version. Had a lot of fun with it. Though I’m not American and it never made me want to enlist in the American Army.

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