America's Pastime, an MLB/Baseball Discussion

Waypoint deserves a place to discuss baseball in all of its forms.

To start, I’m a Cleveland Indians fan so last season was both magical/a huge disappointment. This year they are playing alright, but not living up to their potential. Hopefully they can pick it up as the season continues.

Also we were on the receiving end of this insane Pillar catch last night, so that stung.

How is the season going for everyone else’s team?

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I am a Texas Rangers fan, although I have MLB.TV so I might as well turn on a game if a baseball game is on. As a result I see a lot of Nationals, Orioles and Yankees games, because they have outstanding broadcasters that are interesting to watch. The As and Giants aren’t bad either.

Anyway, the Rangers have no bullpen. They blow the lead late, and they give up runs when tied. They’ve got 3 saves in 11 opportunities. No amount of Adrian Beltre coming back could make up for that blunder.

The MLB games with the road to the show mode, gave me an appreciation of Baseball i never had before. It also vastly increased my base knowledge of the game. I am Bartolo Colon fan just because the first game i watched was him playing on the Expos randomly on TBS, and he only had 2 pitches and was in the big time with only 2 weapons in his arsenal.

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Was raised a Dodgers fan but have been a Nationals fan ever since they got here. Also I follow the Padres for my partners sake although a lot of our discussions about them are a lot of saying “I’m sorry”.

Also very casually following the Pirates since an old little league teammate of mine is in their system & I hope they make it some day.

If the Nats are able to stay healthy I can’t see too things going wrong for them. The biggest thing they have going against them is that they are a DC team.

The Cubs aren’t going to win another world series until they get rid of Jake Arrieta

This is my new curse (im a cubs fan)

I’ve been an Orioles fan since we moved to Maryland when I was 7… coincidentally that was 1983, the last time they won the World Series, so I dumped the Yankees tout suite for the O’s. My wife and I live in Northern Virginia, and she loves baseball but never really had “A Team”, except for the Dodgers, but that was only because if she claimed she liked them her parents would let her stay up late if they were on TV. So, when the Nationals moved to town, she latched on pretty quick. I took a little longer to come around, but I did.

That’s a long way of saying I’m both an Orioles fan and a Nats fan (don’t @ me) so this year has been pretty darn fun so far.

They’re playing each other now. Usually I kind of root for whichever team “needs” it more, and this year that’s the Orioles, as I expect the Nats to win their division by 15 games.

Fun note - for several years, I’ve created an utter juggernaut of an O’s/Nats hybrid in MLB the Show. I call them the Natty O’s.

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Cubs / Mariners fan. Cubs fan for seven years, M’s fan for around five now. I’m not all too bothered about the Cubs hovering around .500 right now since they won it all last year (And there were worse moments during 2010-2014, 2013 especially)

For as much as the Mariners are doing not so good right now, I still think they a slim shot at making the Wild Card at least.

Also, big supporter of bat flips and fun in general.


I’m a Phillies fan, so things were extremely good for like 5 years but have now been extremely bad for like 6. still an upgrade over the first 13 years I was a Phillies fan where things were consistently abysmal, tho

I was raised in a Dodgers household, but I didn’t really come to own baseball as my own pastime till I moved to San Francisco. Being far from home, baseball became a great way to connect to my hometown and my family. I quickly converted from someone that casually watched a couple of games a season to someone that watches games from every team on MLB.TV, plays fantasy baseball, keeps scores at games, etc. Baseball Twitter has also been a great way to meet new friends long distance, which is something I didn’t think was possible anymore. Anyway, I’m a Dodger fan and a fan of baseball in general.

This season has been great for the Dodgers, so far. It seems like the front office has made some incredible moves that have potential to pay off for the next few years.

That connection to your hometown is great. I’ve been a Giants fan my whole life but only really got into it when I moved away. I love Chicago but having that piece of my hometown is wonderful. I’ve had a great time watching Giants games at bars and talking with others from the bay. While the Giants are locked in a downwards spiral their dominance over the past few seasons has been so much fun.

All of this is a way of saying the Dodgers are the worst and I hope they blow it in the playoffs like they have for the past fours seasons.

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I’m a Red Sox fan. This season stinks. Starting rotation is all out of whack, the team traded away Travis Shaw for a relief pitcher who hasn’t thrown a single pitch yet, third base is a disaster, and the bullpen is falling apart. Somehow we’re still over .500.

At least we got Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel, who are embarrassing everyone that approaches the plate.

As a Brewer fan I’m pleasantly surprised with this season. The offense is impressing me, sometimes… The pitching is doing better than I expected. They’re not throwing money at aging pitchers since we have a GM that knows what century it is now. The next few seasons look bright.

That was a great home stand! Wasn’t sure what to expect from it.

I’ll be at Wrigley June 4th and I’ll post about it.

I’d also like to use this thread to complain about the bad hashtag campaigns the teams got. #ThatsCub

Yeah, #ThatsCub is a pretty dumb thing. It’s weird to think this is the first time they’ve been under .500 since 2014.

Brewers are caught in an interesting position where they’re doing well, but how long it will last is anyone’s guess? I have to assume that trading Braun / other pieces for the rebuild is still on their docket, but I’m curious to see how their FO moves when it’s June and they think they have a legitimate shot at the Division or a Wild Card spot.

On the topic of division rivals, Andrew McCutchen has been…woof. I also didn’t notice Jung Ho Kang had some issues with his work visa and hasn’t had any recorded stats this year. That’s crazy.

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Much as I like Harper, all he ended up doing was punching the brim of Strickland’s cap. C’mon, if you’re going to throw a punch, at least hit the guy in the face. And that helmet toss? That was worse than the 50 Cent first pitch.

I imagine a week-long suspension is going to happen for the two, but who knows.

Also laughing at the collision between Morse and Jeff S. later in that clip.

Not nearly as good as Bautista getting wrecked last year

Looks like 4 games for Harper, 6 for Strickland. I think that’s fair for Harper, but Strickland should’ve gotten at least 10.

As a person living in San Jose, I’m glad there’s a place to talk about that crazy Giants fight now!

As a person who group up in Kansas City, I am a Royals fan. Thus, I’m very sad, because we’re doing terribly this year. (Boo hoo, we did well in 2014 and 15’ I know, I know)