An absolutely strange LoFi Hip Hop Discovery: UK Parliament edition

On the Worst Garbage Discord channel, the user thesu01 jokingly recommended to listen to the UK Parliament live stream today while playing a lofi hiphop/chillbeats to relax/study to youtube channel in the background. Surprisingly it’s PHENOMENAL. Our discord channel exploded with how incredible it is.

I highly recommend it.


Honestly I don’t know what I was expecting but yeah this kinda??? is really good actually???

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okay yea i have no idea why this works so well but it really does??

this is extremely my kind of thing

This reminds me of when people dubbed Kanye’s long interviews with Zane Lowe over grime instrumentals.

I actually did that on accident yesterday and can confirm that it’s pretty cool

NEWS REPORTER: apparently the kids call it “triggering article 420”

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This is good. I’m not sure if there’s a name for the phenomenon I’ve noticed of creating rhythm and cadence in someones voice when it’s over a beat but this pretty much works with any speaker/song combination so far

if anyone would like a variation on a theme: the UK Supreme Court are deliberating for the next few days whether or not it was legal for Johnson to suspend parliament and it is being live streamed