An apology for the Demon's Souls thread

Hey all,

About a month ago, I posted several of my thoughts on the thread: 'Demon's Souls' on PS5 Feels Like an Authentic Next-Gen Souls Experience

There I made many strong arguments for my feelings against the remake, and even from the start I was pretty personally vested to the subject. From there, it only got more heated as I responded to feedback. On reflection, I realize many of my points were worded in a way that was not only overly harsh, but could easily be seen as an attempt to claim my opinion as fact. While I did (and still do) feel strongly about the matter, I could have done a much better job of explaining why I feel the way I do, and try to calmly express how I feel about it. Instead, I not only became continually more personally bothered by the subject and some responses, and eventually I began to resort to inappropriate statements as a way to “dunk” on others participating in the topic.

I wanted to say I’m sorry for my behavior and all the callous things I said.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reflecting on my social media consumption/participation. As much as I hated to admit it, I realized I’d fallen into the para-social trap of being overly invested (overly bothered) by what people are saying online. The Demon’s Souls thread was just the tip of the iceberg. After spending so much time personally upset and viciously responding to others, I finally recognized this needed to stop. I don’t want to be that guy who is mostly contributing bitterness to online discussions, and I don’t want to be so easily frustrated in the first place. I just wanted y’all to know that from now on I’m going to be a better community member and strive to be more mindful when I convey my criticisms.

To be honest, I’m not really familiar with being part of an online group or forums in general, and I’m sure the autism has a little to do with it too. I don’t want those reasons to be an excuse for how I acted, and I will be better in the future. I know I said some pretty mean things, and while I might not agree with some opinions, but overall I do like waypoints. I don’t want to drag the community down with any of my personal negativity.

If I offended or otherwise caused distress to anyone on that thread, I apologize. It won’t happen again.