An elegy to 2017


Since this year is starting to near it’s end i feel like many of us probably have started contemplating this year already. Both on a personal level and on a more general level, and i think most of us can agree that the year has been pretty bad on the general level.

But i thought that it could be useful to have a thread on here were we all can just drop a few thoughts we have had about this year since it probably is on the mind of many of us, it could be a self care kind of a thing or just a way to close the book on this year. Feel free to talk about this year both on a general and personal level, spread words of comfort, art that you feel connects to this year or just whatever you feel this thread should be filled with.


I know it gets said a lot but 2017 was the fucking worst.


It’s been a good year for me, concerning academic and personal achievements, and it’s been hard watching friends, especially from the US, go through so much.


2017 has been the worst in general, but somehow even worse personally. The way I look at it for both is you can’t give up, no matter how hard things get. Here’s to a great 2018!


This certainly feels like the “interesting times” I’ve been dreading, but hopefully we all make it through ok (he says, even though everything feels like the Balkans in 1914).


This year has been really rough in some ways I don’t really want to get into.But it’s also been surprising in ways I didn’t expect.

I made new friends/aquaintences with people I didn’t think I could ever get to know and it’s made me so much happier than I’d be otherwise.

I aced my first semester in my masters program and that feels pretty cool too.

I know 2018 isn’t likely going to be some kind of miracle year. In fact it’s probably also going to be pretty bad. But on a personal level, if I can keep growing the friendships I started in this hell year and keep doing well for myself in school… idk I think it’ll be okay.


I was unemployed for almost half the year and moved back in with my parents… Not a great year personally, but I’ve got a job again and plans to move out soon.

Some cool games came out, which was good I guess. I’ve felt pretty isolated and alone a lot though so hopefully that’ll change when i move. Getting back into being on a forum has been cool too, even though I don’t post a whole lot. So, thanks for being here and being a swell group of people I can look forward to hearing from when I need to get away for a minute :black_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:


Difficult year to watch pan out. Outside of Trump and the continued ‘Brexit’ negotiations. Personally it could have been better, I broke up with my gf after 2 years early on in the year, lost two grandparents in the summer. But on the plus side I made a short movie which has been an ambition for a long time.

And Breath of the Wild was dope.


2017 has been… something I guess.

I made the joke elsewhere, and it’s a repeating gag between my friends, but this year feels like I’m stuck in a VR simulation and my loved ones in the real world are desperately trying to get me to realize it by sending me progressively more absurd situations. “For the love of god, we had a man apologize for sexual assault attached to a cinnamon roll recipe, how is he just rolling with this? I guess next we can try the melted snowman sexual assault president robot.”



2017 had some real good video games, which is great because at least my methods of escapism were on fucking point while everything else was going to shit.


Tragic and awful year. The news has been exhausting to keep up.

I lost a lot of hope back in January and felt like I was going to mentally explode. It reached a point where I feared I might do something reckless, so decided to finally reach out for help. Called my mom and told her about the problems I’ve been dealing with these past few years and was super relieved she accepted what I had to say.

I’ve been doing better ever since. Spent more time with my parents and relatives, got back in touch with some friends, trying to be a better and reliable person.