An Oral History of Tim Curry’s Escape to the One Place Uncorrupted by Capitalism

Is it the sweet transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is it Wadsworth the butler who butles in Clue, is it Stephen King’s sewer clown in It? Or is this—seriously, this short, ridiculous cutscene from Red Alert 3—the defining performance of Tim Curry’s long career?

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Great article! Gosh, I miss the wild FMV cutscenes of the Command & Conquer series. It’s a big reason why it was my favorite RTS of the 90s. It’s staggering how many incredible actors went full ham in these games; James Earl Jones, Ray Wise, Tricia Helfer, and George Takei all spring to mind. I have to think some of today’s celebrities have positive memories of the series from way back (Henry Cavill, I’m looking at you). Get these actors on a low budget set and get to work on Red Alert 4, EA!

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Personally, think that Yuri’s Revenge is where they started getting too silly, Red Alert 2 was almost the perfect spot. Udo Kier and Ray Wise are campy but can play it “just campy enough”, versus Red Alert III where everybody is winking at the camera. And even by Yuri’s Revenge you got dinosaurs and moon bases and Dirty Harry in the game and its a pure cartoon now.

I do love that “SPACE!!!” quote, but to me, the funniest moment in Red Alert is in Red Alert 2 when Premiere Romanov is way too boisterous and extra, and he slaps Yuri’s back. For just a second Udo Kier closes his eyes in clear irritation, then goes back to his loyal vizier persona.

(Though Romanov playing with his turtle in RE2 is extremely silly, come to think of it.)


Going to admit this was not an article I would’ve expected to see a Josef Pieper quote in, but in hindsight maybe not completely surprising.

This was tremendously put-together. Every morsel of Curry lore in this article made me smile. That whole cast was dialled in. Not enough credit is also given to Jonathan Pryce’s performance in that game, you can tell he is having an absolute ball.

yet another Duncan Fyfe banger gotdamn


This was a joy to read. Though Michael Pachter sounds like a total Herb.


Duncan Fyfe, the GOAT has done it again!

More Duncan if that’s what you’d like.

Pachter’s presence on the periphery of gaming was always super cringe. He was very happy to adopt the persona of what a 15 year old thinks an financial analyst is.