An unofficial Waypoint fantasy football league


Hello Waypointers! Does anybody here have any interest in grouping up for a season-long fantasy football league?

Everybody I have encountered on this forum has been nice, insightful, and mature (three qualities that are…we’ll say not common in the traditional fantasy football space). So I wanted to come here, to my favorite community, and propose that we get together and draft promising real football players to our fake football teams for fake glory.

All of these points are super flexible/negotiable if this generates interest, but this is what I tend to prefer: a group size of 12, a buy-in of at least $5-$25 (having at least some sort of buy-in really does help users stay engaged for the whole season, but it’s also not a requirement if people prefer to keep money out of it, or are running low on cash), standard scoring, and using ESPN as our fantasy football home (I have used Yahoo in the past, but with the recent Verizon nonsense, I’m not touching Yahoo with a ten-foot pole).

Would anybody here like to group together and form a fun, unofficial fantasy football league?

EDIT: If you are interested, go ahead and leave your email address in the comment (EDIT 2: or DM me your email address, if privacy is a concern). I’ll need them to send out the invites to the ESPN league.


Yes please! I love fantasy football and would love to do it in a community I know is accepting.


Great! Once we hear from a few more people, I’ll have the league created and start sending out invites.


I tentatively want to say yes. I usually do a fantasy hockey league, but I let my team slip last yeah (first year of grad school and whatnot).

Any idea when you would need a def. yes by?


Personally, I prefer to do drafts towards the beginning of August to allow for flexibility in people’s schedules, so there’s no rush to commit now or anything.

Part of the reason I decided to post this thread now, towards the end of June, was to give people time to join and figure out what form the league would take, so a ‘tentative yes’ is totally fine! Just keep up with the thread and let us know once you have made a decision.


I would love to participate!



I’ll go ahead and start throwing out some basic league questions for those who are interested in participating (I mostly intend to stick to default standard scoring, but as I have stated before, if there are any changes to this template people feel good about, I’m open to hearing them):

Kicker: yeah or nah? I’ve always played with kickers, but streaming them always felt like a chore, and it’s always kind of a bummer pinning your hopes on a Monday night kicker. If we got rid of the kicker, I’d replace it with another WR slot (making it a 3WR league).


I’m interested in joining. I used to join leagues with randoms but for the last few years I’ve been sitting out because those leagues don’t keep me engaged.

I’ve always played with a kicker but it always felt like a crapshoot so I’d be down to try a 3rd WR instead.


I also notice that drafting a kicker always happens at the very last round, unless you have a Taco or reeeeeally want Gostkowski, but usually by then people are pretty spent and just picking the kicker with the highest ADP.

And I agree, random leagues are always kind of a bummer. You always end up with people who don’t set their lineup (because without stakes, why would they?), which causes a domino effect where nobody is setting their lineups. In the past, I have done leagues with college friends, but that met an abrupt end last year because of the 2016 presidential election bringing out a side of them that I wasn’t willing to associate myself with anymore (turns out they’re all really into the idea of building walls!)


Also, to the people who have expressed interest: go ahead and either edit your comment to include an email address, or reply again with your email address (edit: or DM me your email address if privacy is a concern), so I can shoot you an invite to the ESPN league. That way, we can have a more substantive conversation about altering specific league settings (which are mostly set to default right now).

We aren’t really starting until the first half of August, but that’s only a little more than a month away, and in addition to working out our league roster and settings, I think it would be rad to use this month to get to know our fellow team owners and talk some football. (Plus, we need to come up with a good name for the league! Gotta have a good league name).


I’m not picky, but having a kicker definitely wouldn’t be missed.

That position is kind of a crapshoot, although the element of randomness does kind of make things exciting.

I haven’t played on ESPN for years, but if it’s possible I would toss out making it a 3WR league either way. That’s been the format my main league has used for the past couple years and it makes the draft/team composition a little more interesting in my opinion.

p.s. I edited my original post to include my email.


Oooh, can we do a Bad Predicitions League too? You pick all your players before training camp and are not allowed to trade or acquire free agents.


What a fantastic and terrifying idea!


I love this (and any idea for wacky fun side-leagues).

EDIT: Here is a list of training camp dates (earliest I think was July 19?) if you all wanted to do this league as well.


Sure, I’ll give it a shot.


Got it!

I also did want to mention that newcomers are totally welcome. Fantasy football, if I’m being for real, is a game of chaos and nonsense. Of course, there is skill in selecting players who are the most likely to produce points for your team, but so much occurs outside of your control that, almost like a Mario Kart race, it’s a fairly even playing field and accessible to everybody on a casual and hardcore level.

In fact, as a new player, you might even do better. My girlfriend played with us last year and because she was just picking based on ADP and not working off past knowledge like the rest of us were, she was the only one who bit on players like Melvin Gordon (a bust in 2015 who became a points monster in 2016).


Update: so we got six people in the league (halfway to our goal), which is great! Glad to see that so many people are excited about playing fantasy football. We have enough people now to nail down the specifics of our league. And if any of you have a (cool, not-racist) friend or two who is interested in fantasy football, feel free to let me know and I can shoot them an invite as well.

RE: nailing down specifics, the ESPN Fantasy App chat doesn’t work as well as I had hoped (it doesn’t sync chat between web and mobile, which is…an issue). If you would like, we can use the #fantasyfootball text channel on my Discord to discuss fantasy football-related things. Here’s a link to my channel (I don’t use it much, so mind the mess).

And if Discord doesn’t work for you, just let me know and we can figure out another solution.


I don’t want to necro this thread too much, but it is nearing the time to decide on a good day for the draft. For those involved with the league, if you are still interested, let me know which days/times work for you. I would prefer any time during the weekend, but I’m flexible with that.

Also, we still have six spots left if anybody wants to join. Just DM me a good email address and I’ll send you an invite to our ESPN league.


I’m fine with the date, but 7am EST is pretty harsh, man.


Whoops! That totally was supposed to be 7:00 PM ET lol. Yeah no, 7:00 AM would be terrifying.

I can move the date back if we do not get enough people in the league by this Saturday, but I would at least like to do it on a Saturday because that’s when I’m the most free.