And it's available now! [E3 Thread]


Hey Friends!

With E3 just around the corner, I wanted to talk about what surprises you are hoping for.

Everyone knows there will be a Call of Duty gameplay reveal, Ubisoft will show off the new Assassin’s Creed, and stuff that’s mostly standard fair.

So let’s talk about those unexpected wild moments that we’re hoping for! Or let’s talk about our favourite surprises from past E3’s. I’ll do one of each.

Past surprise: The Battlefield Hardline “And it’s available to play now!” Moment from a few E3’s back, while not wholly surprising, was nonetheless amazing. Mainly because of the ‘pyro’ that accompanied the phrase. It was fantastic for all the wrong reasons.

Surprise I’m hoping for: I want another “and it’s available now!” For the Phantom Dust remake. If Phil Spencer gives me that, I will be overjoyed!

What about you?


Ubisoft is gonna “one more thing” and its gonna be a splinter cell reboot and Ironside will be Sam again.


Hitman Season 2. Please.


The Phantom console is finally out! Right now!


Fallout Shelter was a nice surprise two years ago, even though I fell off of it very quickly.

My socks would be proper rocked off if there was a Kingdom Hearts 3 demo made available immediately after the announcement. I dont like saying that we as consumers “deserve” anything, but with the rollercoaster rides square takes us on during their development cycles, a demo for KH3 in the vein of episode duscae would be a nice little treat and would do a fine job of quenching some kind of thirst the fans have.


New SSX for the love of god


oh yea i forgot SKATE 4


Unfortunately I think they went the Ground Zeroes route, 0.2 Birth By Sleep feels a lot like they just released the tutorial to KH3 as a game.

That being said I really enjoyed that game a lot!


Ugh yeah you’re right BUT ffxv did have like two or three demos so who knows!?


Bloodborne 2. And it’s coming to PC at launch. And isn’t capped at 60fps.

…And it’s launching today?


I sort of hope we hear something about the new Crackdown that was announced a few E3s back. Some of the cloud stuff they mentioned sounded interesting and it would be interesting to see if they follow through with it or not.


Out of everything people have mentioned so far, I think this one is the closest to being a lock. I fully expect Crackdown to be the showpiece game MS used to flaunt Scorpio.


I’m betting on a Kicktarter for Shenmue 4.


mario maker switch available now please


Spider-Man for PS4 and specifically, what the story is going to be. Because from the first trailer a year ago, those guys in mask looks like Hammerhead’s henchmen. Also, would appreciate Chameleon or Mysterio being in this game. Probably won’t but who knows.


I want a release date for KH3. I know it’ll be pushed back from it, but please. Also: Elder Scrolls 6. I know it won’t happen, but I want it.


I’m hoping for Hollow Knight’s switch port to get this treatment. I’m optimistic it’ll get a showing at Nintendo’s E3 equivalent at least, but best case it gets a surprise release. Maybe alongside a bunch of other small Switch games, that’d be nice.


I want to say I saw an article going around that said something about Kingdom Hearts 3 being on track for release within the next year. Haven’t been able to track it down since, though, so I don’t know about the validity of it.


I’m still carrying a torch for Dragons Dogma 2.

The dream ain’t dead until Itsuno announces his next project.

Also whatever Tango Gameworks has got cookin’, I’m down for whatever Mikami-san.


Im 1000% sure we are getting a pyscho break 2 announcement (sorry but psycho break is just a way better name than evil within)