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Hello all,

For those of you who don’t know what Android Netrunner is, it is a 2 player asymetriacal card game where one player plays the Corp(generally defensive), one of four giant megacorporations trying to build servers, score agendas and stop the Runner. The other player is the Runner(the offensive player), who gets their icebreakers, get rich, uses stims, jams their consoles, and makes run thorough ICE to steal agenda’s. It is a very unique game, and my favorite card game of all time.

I’m wondering what your experience with ANR has been like.

First a bit of an introduction about myself. I’m a very competitive ANR player, made top 50 at Worlds 2016, lived the stimslack last year, still am active there, and am very much looking forward to regionals this coming month. With ANR coming on 5 years old now, I’m curious at the experience of those outside of the competitive scene and their feelings on the game.

I know many people don’t own full sets, and haven’t played more than 50 games probably. What has been your attraction to the game, have you had a barrier to entry? What attracted you to the game? Why did you stop playing?

Love to hear your thoughts.


I started playing Netrunner largely for the aesthetic (I have a weak spot for anything cyberpunk), but I enjoy the flexibility that the game gives you to come up with goofy strategies. I definitely get a lot of fun out of just pretending to be the corp or runner that I’m playing.

Me and a buddy of mine play a couple of games about once a week, and we recently started playing through Terminal Directive. I don’t really have a competitive personality, but I do enjoy the mind games of casual play with the same opponent each week. I think I’ve put the most hours into Netrunner of any tabletop game, and I expect to keep playing it for a long time to come.


I own the game and like it but I haven’t played more than 4 games of it. I wish I had a local community to play it in but time and distance make it difficult.

The online community looks great but considering how long people have been playing it’s daunting to get in now.


I have the game sitting on a box on my shelf and am meaning to give it a try eventually. I haven’t had time to learn, and haven’t found anyone to play with yet really. It sure seems cool every time I hear people talk about it, though.


I’m in exactly the same boat. I bought it not realizing it was a CCG, and I’m the only person I know who owns a set. I had that it was more of a Dominion-style format, which doesn’t require lots of research and deckbuilding on your own time.

It’s not really fun to have someone hand you a deck that they built for a card game you’ve never played and have them try to rope you in.


I really wish there was a digital version that wasn’t I’d love a sanctioned hearthstone-like app because half the fun for me is collecting the cards.


Sup? I did exceptionally mediocre at worlds (I actually checked, I placed 2 spots above the person who did as average as it is possible to be)


Hey all! I own the basic set, have played 10-20 games with it, but it has been kinda rough to get any regularity to play sessions. Would love to play more often, but it’s been hard to put a regular crew together.


I started playing A: NR in 2013, and I was really into it for a long time, and where I live there was (perhaps still is?) a really big scene. However, being in the theatre industry means that I cannot go to game nights and weekends, and in 2015 I kind of dropped off. However, the new Terminal Directive seems really interesting. Has anybody played it? The cards look rather good.


I really really want to get into this game but my brother and I tried a couple years ago and coming from a MtG background there were seeming rules ambiguities that we couldn’t wrap our heads around. In particular the timing of when certain things were or weren’t allowed threw us for a loop

I should really find a game store that runs events and give it another try


My local group and I were way into Netrunner as a competitive game for quite a while, but got sick of the metagame around the time asset spam and Faust rose to dominance. We’re all a bunch of try-hard veteran nerds who got rather crabby at the design missteps and poor internal balance of each side after playing it a lot. At this point, we’re kind of waiting for rotation to kick over and hopefully solve some of the game’s problems, though a lot of them pretty much demand a core set 2.0 to really address permanently - HB and Shaper having some of the most efficient IDs they could possibly have right out of the box is kind of whack, as are design impediments like Yog.0 and Parasite. The game further suffers under FFG’s typical silver bullet game design approach, where sweeping problems are addressed with single card solutions like Rumor Mill or Employee Strike.

And despite all of this, I truly love Netrunner. I’m definitely disenchanted with the comp scene, but I’m super excited to kick the tires on Terminal Directive in the next couple of weeks. Best case scenario, it reignites my excitement with the game as a whole, but I really just expect it to be a fun experience that has some flaws. I know there’s at least one of those to begin with, honestly - that box is enormous and almost entirely air inside, I mean, look at this stupid thing (worthless cardboard insert removed for dramatic effect).


Worthless space in a box is ffg is a problem in almost every product unfortunately.

I agree that the Faust meta into asset spam was a bad time. Did you see the new MWL update that happened this past month? It all but banned problem cards like Faust, Sifr, Rumor Mill, and sensie. I’m hopeful for the direction that Boggs is taking the game going forward.


The new MWL that puts cards like Faust, Blackmail and Rumor Mill at 3 additional influence, even in faction, has done a lot to make the game’s meta turn into something quite fun again! I’ve been having some super fun old-school netrunner matches about making runs and spending credits, often with close games where one credit has made the difference between winning and losing.

The card pool is definitely too big, but rotation is happening soon, and there are also other formats your playgroup could adopt such as:
Onesies, or, the idea with this ruleset is that each player is allowed one core set, one big box, one datapack and one standalone card from any pack to make a deck.

FFG have also just announced (or maybe it was just leaked?) a new official limited cardpool format called Cache, which you can see the rules for here. So basically, you play with a core set, a terminal directive box, each player chooses one deluxe expansion, and the last two data cycles including the most recent one.


It was announced as a bonus format for players who don’t make day 2 of a regional to still have a fun game. Its going to be a bit crazy as it does shake up the card pool quite a bit (single Desparado makes me sad). Very similar to, but in a way even more restrictive as you can’t access power cards as easily.


I love the holy hell out of Netrunner, but didn’t have the time/money/stable crew of players to keep up with the data packs. I’m really stoked about the Terminal Directive expansion, though. I think I’m probably going to pick that one up.


Netrunner is maybe the most enticing card game I’ve ever come across and I actually own a lot of cards but I’ve never actually played a match because I don’t really know anyone who’d be into it. I live near NYC so I would imagine it’d be easy to find a community, but financial constraints (and social anxiety) kinda preclude me from getting into it that way.

I do try to read up on the latest expansions though. The art and mechanics are so good.


This community is one of the best I’ve ever been in. Give it a shot if you have the chance.


Netrunner is my preferred game of choice by game designer Richard Garfield (he created other games like King of Tokyo, RoboRally, and some game about magic…).

I still have one of the old Netrunner starting packs back when the game was a collectible card game. Yet as time crawled forward, I found my love of it slowly waning. Trying to catch up with everyone and learning that the deckbuilding and experimentation gave way to people simply playing the most powerful of decks. I just left it. I still think that Netrunner is my preferred choice of card game when asked about it, but I always coach it with saying “just get the base set and have fun with that”.

I haven’t had a chance to play Terminal Directive, although I am intrigued in hearing how those legacy mechanics work.


Netrunner is dead

Not like this.


This is just speculation, but presumably WotC wanted more money to renew the license than FFG were willing to cough up. Barring a spectacular miscalculation, it’s hard to see them playing hardball on that without a plan to do something else with it (either another licensee or doing it in house).

If that holds up at all, I think it’s bit of a stretch to say it’s dead.