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Its also probable that WotC was not a fan of Destiny taking up the same space as MTG


When FFG originally licensed Netrunner they were tiny compared to WotC and hardly competition for MtG. Six years later and now FFG are under the umbrella of Asmodee, they’re a much larger organisation. I can imagine WotC either raising their price or flat out denying a rival company that is now big enough to compete.

Anyway last weekend I was playing in the Netrunner Euro Championship for the first time and I could not be higher on this wonderful game. This is heartbreaking.


Netrunner is genre-shaping. It changed the game, whether or not people realise it. An incredible piece of work. Real shame to see it close out like this.


Man I just bought the revised core set a couple weeks ago. My roommate and I were just getting into it (me a bit more than him I think) and now the game is done. Does anyone know of any resources for connecting with local communities/shops that host Netrunner nights or something? I was hooked after my first game and as long as there’s still people playing I want to learn more and keep playing. I hope I can get some of the expansions before they disappear…


Netrunners! I’m new to the forums here but was curious if we had a thread here. Anyone here from stimslack?

Also: since the last discussion on here was about :coffin: :video_game: We’re not letting the game go down without a fight! Project NISEI is a fan organization dedicated to keeping ANR going post-FFG’s license ending. They’ve got plans for OP support and new cards and formats and everything!