Angered Activision Blizzard Employees Plan Walkout, And They Have Demands

Workers continue to organize at video game giant and Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard, fallout from the state of California suing the company for allegedly fostering a "breeding ground for harassment." Employees have scheduled a company-wide walkout for tomorrow morning, according to a statement released to Waypoint by organizers today.

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Good for them. ~1600 current employee signatures on the petition is huge. Hopefully the walkout gets a lot of attendance as well.

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Over 100 Riot Games employees walked out to end forced arbitration at the company in 2019.

Did the Riot walkout actually end forced arbitration? I’m seeing equivocal reports, which if true, would suck shit: Riot Games pushes for arbitration in gender discrimination lawsuit |

I think the Morhaime and other Blizzard alum indie companies are worth pursuing as an angle on future stories. I’ve seen a lot of ActiBlizz white knights pointing to the recent Blizzard exodus as evidence that they were fed up with the fratty company culture and left in protest, when in reality, it’s just as likely if not more that these people were active participants who are trying to cover their asses with statements like Morhaime’s.

Investigations into companies this large by a bureaucracy this size of California’s Justice Dept. don’t go unnoticed by the people being investigated. The departures from Activision Blizzard leadership recently that have been speculated as unhappiness with the direction of the company… might have been self-serving, idk if that’s true but would make a certain amount of sense

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