Angriest Game Experiences!

It’s almost impossible now to play a video game nowadays without hitting a point that makes you angry or at the very least annoyed, but which gaming level/ area would you not wish upon even your worst enemy?

I’ll start with mine, which was in the defiled chalices in bloodborne. I was on my way to a platinum so having that final roadblock on top of getting creamed no matter how I strategized had me angry to the point of consistent headaches every time I played. I genuinely think that section could be used as a highly effective method of torturing information out of someone.


Nothing makes me angrier than playing Street Fighter online.

I just swear and swear and swear and hurt myself because I have to punch walls and my fight stick and my self.

I’m actually a much happier person now that I’ve stopped any kind of play against human opponents.

Easy. The timed spike room in God of War. It is to this day the only game that has actually made me scream.

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Stasis golf in BotW
Never again


So I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of The Jungle Book game for the Super Nintendo. but I would describe it as maybe literally impossible? it’s alright for the first couple levels but it almost immediately dives into incredibly punishing. even on easy. literally there are cheat codes that give you infinite ammo and let you spam jump to actually fly across the top of the screen and even with all that it is a hard game to beat. nightmarish.


The “fuck you” door in Fallout 3, i got so excited about being able to open two 100skill doors, open one and its just a wall, feeling disappointed i open the other, breaking like 15 bobbypins, and behind is a wall that has “fuck you” graffiti-ed on it. I screamed on the skype call I was on and actually threw my controller


I don’t like the SHMUP or hacking segments in Neir: Automata. I can’t switch my chips out, can’t heal, can’t do shit if I didn’t remember to do it before getting in the stupid flight unit. I was so pissed last night when I was doing that shit for 9S and the screen kept getting cluttered with bullshit that killed me. Eventually I just ignored the whole segment by mashing the dodge button. ALSO, HE FUCKING DOESN’T USE HIS SWORD RIGHT. He throws them or some shit and it makes the combat feel clunky as shit once you’ve played Route A. I get his gimmick, it’s just shit if you don’t care for that style of gameplay, and now I have to play through a whole route of it. Ugh.

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The moment in Oracle of Ages where you finish the 6th dungeon, a water dungeon in true Zelda style, and find out the next dungeon is ANOTHER FUCKING WATER DUNGEON


It doesn’t matter what game - if there is an arcade/casino that I have to play to further the game or 100% it, I will see red. FF7 and FF13-2 are the worst offenders I can think of offhand. I want to burn the Gold Saucer to the ground.

Celestial Weapons in FFX & how the re-releases of those games just automatically puts the super bosses out in the world so you can’t go back to the first area of the game unless you’re ready to fight shadow valefor which was when i was like “okay, fuck this, im just going to beat this game bc trying to do anything else will just piss me off”

When I was a kid, there was this Blues Clues game where you fill out a newspaper stand. I spent hours filling out the entirety of that board (each newspaper took about a half hour, 9 per page, with a “you did it” ending for filling out those first 9), only to realize it would always expand. I got so mad I never played it again

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo. Jesus Christ this game was ridiculously difficult and terrible to control. I wanted a great Gundam game SO BADLY, and this just made me really discouraged.

Yeah I don’t get a lot of the love for how this game plays and constantly switch up gameplay styles. The basic 2B gameplay is kinda meh but fun enough, everything is else is actually kinda bad though? And 9S doesn’t even have the meh moveset of 2B to fall back on

I loved 2B’s gameplay because I love fast-paced combat, dual wielding, and Perfect Dodges. It’s very standard fare with Platinum, and they’ve done it with Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta, both of which I played and liked. Bayo and Wonderful 101 do have a more diverse weapon set up than Nier does though, so I can definitely understand liking those games but not Nier: Automata. I think that the fact that it switches up gameplay styles is interesting, but if you don’t have fun hacking, you’re not going to have fun with 9S; which means that’s several hours of gameplay where you either have grit your teeth and hack, or ignore the core mechanic of the route. Not great.

I wonder if I would like the combat more had I not recently played Bayonetta. As it stands I keep playing it thinking “This is okay but Bayonetta is so many leagues beyond this”

Getting beat to a critical wonder in Civilization by a couple of turns is one of the few things that reliably makes me rage-quit

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Maybe! Last time I played Bayonetta was when I played 2 at my in-laws (because I don’t own a Wii U), and that was like… 2 years ago? So my memory isn’t fresh enough to compare the two.

I like how you can do multiple thing in Neir:A as long as your hands are good for it (holding the shoot button while fighting doesn’t interrupt things) but Bayonetta’s combat is more in-depth because it’s intended to be a character-action game with combos and massively different playstyles from weapon set to weapon set. Nier:A is predominately an RPG that they brought Platinum in on because the combat in the first game was clunky as shit, so it makes sense they wouldn’t go as in depth.

Pssst I haven’t played BotW yet but regardless chiming in quick to say, this is a terrible spoiler tag - if you just blur out the whole thing there’s zero context for what’s getting spoiled and there’s no way of knowing if you can click it or not. You can leave “BotW” in plain text so people know! This has been a spoilers PSA thanks 4 reading.


I do wish they had ditched the RPG elements and just made an action game as neither the RPG or Action bits seem to benefit in this case. The chips system seems to either make things way too easy by letting you wither auto heal with the 99 full recovery items you can buy super early in the game or way too hard by just having things oneshot you because there’s no other way to really make the game harder with the limited move set. It ends up being a lot of things that are neat in thoery but poorly implemented in practice. It’s not terrible, especially in the 2B stuff and I suspect after 9S, but it really could be better

Most of the end of Ninja Gaiden Black. I was a teen when I played that and actually tore a shirt off of my body, Hulk-style, cause of a boss. Might’ve been the last one. Also the shirt was a white t-shirt so it was nothing ridiculous but still.

And I still haven’t beat Bloodborne. It took months beat Ebrietas I swear her patterns are an rng nightmare. Also I suck at parrying so that last fight with Gehrman is a nightmare for me. It’s what’s really holding me back from completing the game. Plus the fact that you have to go on “resupply” runs for bullets and vials like we’re back farming for grass in Demon’s Souls again is enough to make me put down the controller and walk away. Love that game but sometimes I wanna hurl it into the sun.

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