'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Is a Little Heaven in a World Gone to Hell

When I first arrived on Ella, a deserted island I named after my cat, it rained for a week. My boyfriend was irritated as I hunted snails and went fishing, trying to reap the meager bounties the island had to offer. "Is it still raining?" he'd ask me, watching me standing with my fishing pole in the water, raindrops bouncing off my head. It was almost as if he was mad at the island for being gloomy while I was there. "It was sunny this morning!" I'd say. I'm not sure he ever really believed it.

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This is a really nice review and makes me, as one who was pretty on the fence about this game, feel like it may be very nice for the foreseeable future.

One question about the gameplay and how the game is structured for anyone who might be able to answer it: Gita writes that there are morning announcements and the shops close at 9:00 PM. As one who almost exclusively plays video games in the evening, usually after 9:00, do AC games traditionally do anything to “accommodate” one’s schedule or is that part of the reality of these games?


iirc in new leaf you could create ordinances that would change the opening and closing time of stores. The night owl ordinance made stores open later but stay open later too, early bird vice versa


I really WANT to enjoy Animal Crossing. I played on the 3DS but I ended up finding it more of a chore than an enjoyable diversion. I feel like it might be a nice thing to have during these strange times though.

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I need this game out yesterday


I think this may be the first Animal Crossing I actually get into. Something about the 3DS is uncomfortable to use for me, and what’s a higher philosophy in AC than comfort?

My Switch tends to collect dust most days unless I’ve got a long uneventful day of work ahead of me. I’m just not into the handheld lifestyle, but the opportunity to bring it with me on a long trip or to my extended family’s homes always keeps it attractive to pump it full of potential experiences.

Nintendo has been very hit or miss with me, with few exceptions their games haven’t held my interest for long but I’ll probably take my chances with New Horizons. I just hope I won’t disappoint all my animal friends when I leave the Switch untouched for weeks.
(Also nintendo, let me play as an animal)

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A review that goes into something other than just the surface level mechanics! Good read, as usual. Appreciate it.

I recently picked up my New 3DS XL again, and yeah I can definitely sympathize. Even though it’s the big version, it feels very cramped. Something about how my hands have to wrap around it. I can only play on it comfortably for about half an hour until I feel like I have to do some finger stretching.

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I’ve poured hundreds of hours into Stardew Valley, but Animal Crossing never quite had enough direction for me to last very long. Hoping to really “get” Animal Crossing while playing this one.