Animal Crossing: New Waypoints

43 days until March 20th. You excited?

How you feeling about that one island/switch restriction?

Did your favourite villager make it (and how stylish are they)?

Play any of the older games in anticipation of the new one? How is that pocket camp these days?

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The “one island per Switch” restriction doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the “does not get cloud saved” part of it.


The save data back-up feature that will eventually be released is at least a good compromise and one that will really only screw over those who have multiple switches that they want to play the game on.

Which is… fair when you consider allowing an island to be played on multiple switches would make you easily run into some major problems where multiple people are playing (and, importantly, changing) the same island at the same time on two different offline systems.

Makes me wish they just went full online and had all the villages stored server side, but that is opening up a huge can of worms.

Keeping an island tied to a single account and/or system is really the only way to make both online features and the ability to play offline available. I just wish it was account, not system.

I had a bit of a ‘down’ period on this game back in December. I had played Pocket Camp for two years, pretty much daily, and was so heartbroken by the subscription service introduced to that game that I not only fell off of that but kind of lost interest in ACNH, too. But with a month to cool off and seeing some of the great new features that’ve been teased in ads and whatnot, I’m definitely back on board.

Vesta is my all-time favourite villager, so I’m happy to see her back in! They haven’t released renders for any deer, so I don’t know if some of my other favourites are in yet, but I suspect they’ll all make the cut. I don’t love Vesta’s render since sleeveless tops look… weird on sheep villagers, but if I can find a cute long-sleeve sweater dress for her, I’m sure I’ll be in adoration of her cuteness for weeks.

The one island to a console limitation is a bit annoying (I share a Switch with my spouse, but he’s not as into Animal Crossing as I am so he doesn’t seem to mind sharing ‘my’ island with me), but I’m not surprised. It’d suck if I had children, though, and I’m a little disappointed as the account system has been pretty good about overcoming old limitations of Nintendo hardware. But I get it, and maybe they’ll find a way to make it work in the future.

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Aw, that’s too bad. Sleeveless does make their arms seem kinda noodley, but on the other hand I kinda like how that implies (and their silhouette with the rest of their clothing) that their clothes are like compressing wool down against their body and they’re bunching their wool into the shirt up their legs/arms? It’s super cute.

My favourite is Marina, so it was great to load up that article and immediately know that not only is she going to be in the game, but she has an adorable pink sweater.

My partner’s getting a Switch specifically for this, and we’re both taking the day off when it’s released. So you could say I’m pretty excited!

Baabara used to be my favorite villager, back when I was a kid. I think she reminded me of my grandmother? Conversely, my relationship with Pate in New Leaf was contentious, to say the least.

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I’m a little bummed by the ‘one island per switch’ thing but also I’ll probably get over it and actually find it nice to share the island with my boyfriend? which I definitely wouldn’t let him if there was the option to not?
I’ll likely play much more than him anyway

My favourite villagers are Kidd and Eloise. I’m not sure if I’ve seen either of their species yet so? who knows?? if they’re in???

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My boy Marshal is making a comeback so I’m all in! I got the Target preorder because that Animal Crossing journal was too cute to pass up. This is like the one game I’m really looking forward to in the next few months.

I also really enjoyed Tim Rogers’s preview on New Horizons over at Kotaku.


Excuse me, 'PRE-REVIEW"

That game is already GRADED.


Always happy AC games come out in the spring and summer so I can get my FISH GAME on

That sure was a Direct. Looking forward to getting back into AC, I haven’t played one since the Gamecube.


I’m gonna replace every square inch of my island with water and live in a tiny square in the centre

(I’m not)
(I’m excited about Landscaping though wow)

Loving the lean in to building and the like, some of the outside areas towards the end of the direct looked SO good. Gonna have a full on little medieval township.

I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to make this my first Animal Crossing, but I’m really happy that y’all are happy. Also:


This animal crossing looks like it is doing the most and I appreciate that. I also appreciate Tom Nook ascending into the dystopian CEO of our collective nightmare.


Really digging the new lesbian Bug-Off judge.

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I will stan Tom Nook forever. His “loans” have no payoff requirements, no late fees, and no interest. He doesn’t care about your credit or if you’ll ever repay him, he’s going to make sure you have a roof over your head. He’s an incrementalist who is working within the busted system, but he’s an ally and should be spared when the Revolution comes.


I’ve been thinking about something a lot lately.

Isn’t Tom Nook actually a Tanuki? I always thought he was a raccoon, but now I’m 28 and possess more knowledge of Japanese fauna, and I just don’t anymore.

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He is a tanooki. Tanukichi is his Japanese name.