Animal Crossing: New Waypoints

Axel and Flo spent all yesterday morning like this:

And my partner and I visited a friend’s island to help him get set up:

I know the online functionality isn’t ideal, but I’m still really enjoying it. I think I’ve already spent more time on multiplayer with this than I have with all the previous entries combined. My partner and I visit each other almost every day, I usually get a few visitors from leaving my gate open in the evening, and I make sure to send my friends any ridiculous item that pops up in my shops (most recently the creepy doll and denim cutoffs). I’m not usually big on multiplayer, but it’s so wholesome and sweet here it’s hard not to get swept up in it.

I’m also frequently bowled over by how beautiful this game is. The little felt texture of some of the animals, the way the wind moves through the trees, literally everything about the museum; it’s all just astonishing.


Thanks! Can you remind me how to join the Discord? I have made like two attempts in the past to use it but am much more of a forum person than a chat person.


Okay, I love that the game lets you compose a tune for your island but it is utter bullshit that you can only work with whole notes. I am losing my mind trying to find something that works.

Broader, dare I say philosophical, question about the game: how do you deal with villagers you dislike?

I have now unlocked the remove villager option (keeping it vague for spoilers) and am really torn about the function. I have a villager I am less than keen on but it really boils down to me not liking the way she looks. We’re pleasant enough, exchanging pleasantries and emotes, but I just don’t like her. While I am thrilled that I can now remove her without confrontation I am torn on if that is the “right” thing to do. Not necessarily from a moral perspective but because it seems kind of antithetical to the game. My time with Animal Crossing has been all about making lemonade out of lemons and exploring and opening myself to new horizons. The game does an incredibly good job of teaching you that sometimes you don’t get the things (resources, whatever) you want but there are plenty of ways to make do and find alternatives. So now I am torn because booting this villager seems like an easy out when maybe it is more in the spirit of the game to see what may come from this undesirable arrangement. What do y’all do?

I know some people have a “villager harassment” routine that you can go through but as a long time fan of the series my philosophy has always been live and let live, basically.

Like you said, Animal Crossing is about building a community with what you have. It’s a lot of randomization and that, for me, is the charm of the game. You don’t get to choose the fruit or flowers that grow naturally in your town, you don’t get to choose your neighbours. If I don’t like a villager I wont talk to them often or write them letters like they’re a person in my neighbourhood who I’m sort of forced to be friendly with through proximity, but I never actively try and make someone leave. (Also I’m not here in New Horizons yet, but in the old games people will eventually leave to make space for new villagers, so you can usually wait these things out)

On the other hand, AC for a lot of people is about making something perfect and that includes who lives in your town. I don’t necessarily have a problem with this and the games have progressively made it easier for people to make their ideal town (officially codifying path and fence making, being able to report villagers you don’t like etc.) I don’t really see a problem with engaging in the game like this (outside of the harassment stuff people do which just seems kind of weird to me). It’s obviously become an intended style of play, and furthermore Hew Horizons does let you pick the first three villagers that move in through the Nook Miles Tickets. This game is really leaning into it

So, tl;dr. I wouldn’t feel too bad about booting a villager you don’t like. Nintendo is actively putting systems in the game to let people do this and I don’t really think it’s a problem to find a middle ground between the perfectionist / procedural play styles AC has defined for itself that you feel comfortable with.


i’m thinking about this removing villagers option too right now. 3/5 of my villagers (including the original 2) are bird types, and while i have nothing specifically against the villagers themselves they are my least favourite animal type and i’d love to get some more variety on my island. i feel so bad about the idea of booting anyone off though, so i may just wait for the natural cycle of things to change that up

I’m not sure if anyone’s answered your question, but the instructions are here: Waypoint Discord

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Thank you. (fifteen characters)

I have a new person question: do people just…show up? Because a camel named Saharah walked up to me and offered to sell me a bunch of rugs today completely apropos of nothing.


The series has always had special characters that have specific functions show up sometimes. Saharah will sell you rugs, floors, and walls, Daisy Mae (in previous games Sow Joan) sells turnips, Redd has rare items and art etc.

I don’t know exactly how many of them are in New Horizons but expect there to just be someone you don’t know wandering around every once in a while who will probably be able to sell you something hard to find or have some kind of event associated with them.

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Sharing a lot of the feelings from this article.

I’m deathly tired of seeing things about this on the internet. I’m a huge fan of AC, and enjoying this one (although less than the others but I’ll wait a couple of months to pass judgement), but there is something about constantly being bombarded with images and stuff that makes me sour a bit. It doesn’t even have anything to do with the game, so it’s unfair towards it.

I’ve played every day since it came out and I have nothing on my island or house, and I’m smart to know that this is normal. Still, you see other peoples shit and start thinking I’m doing something wrong.

Anyway, it’s also a bad article because it uses “FOMO” as if I’m supposed to understand what that means. Absolutely refuse to look up yet another abbreviation.


Fear of missing out.

Edit: the article resonated with me as well. First real foray into the series and loving my time with it but am really starting to resent a lot of the stuff I see online and how it makes me feel like I am playing wrong or slow. On the upside, it’s helping me stay off Twitter!

I think this is a criticism of social media platforms in general.

I follow people in my field on Twitter so I can stay up to date on what people are publishing and it really makes you feel like you are lazy and not working hard enough because you’re always seeing the cool new thing that someone is working on. I’ve learned some things I otherwise wouldn’t have, but it really is exhausting otherwise .

By far the best way to remove villagers is to go on Amazon or aliexpress, order some NFC215 tags (they are pretty cheap), write all your favourite villagers to those tags using your phone, and then invite them to live on your island.

Or buy super cute custom ones on Etsy! Or buy the card packs from Nintendo, I guess, but… eh.

You just get asked ‘who should move out so I can move in?’ and you can pick whoever without being mean to them (which I hate doing even to my least fave villagers) or losing out on a week or more of Island Togetherness points on your Nook Miles card.

Behold, my collection.


Any chance you could share the QR code for the waypoint art? I’d love that more than anything


God this is extremely on point. I’ve been playing since the GameCube and it’s making me seriously question if I’ve been playing the thing wrong this whole time or if stuff like this only cropped up around New Leaf which brought in a lot of new people, it came out post social media ubiquity so exploits could be shared easily, and it also having very easy to achieve money exploits changed the way people engaged with the series, but I definitely feel like I’ve straight up been playing this whole thing wrong despite probably playing it faster than I’ve ever played an Animal Crossing game.


This is my first animal crossing and I’m playing it a lot more than I expected to each day. Part of it is being inside my home more than usual, and part of it is that my girlfriend is playing it a LOT. She loves this series and she’s having a ton of fun with it. We have been visiting each other’s islands in lieu of having actual dates due to the virus situation. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are playing the game so there is a lot of diversity to what I am seeing on my twitter feed. Some of it is outfits-of-the-day, some of it are cool house interior designs, some short clip of something funny happening, etc.

Yesterday was the 31st of March in Australia, aka the last day that sharks would be spawning anywhere in the world for a couple of months. My girlfriend came and visited my island and hung out for a few hours catching fish, and this was the result. It’s more sharks than I had ever caught in the past 10 days, and she somehow got all this in 3-4 hours.


I like Zipper, IDC.


Oh hell yes


MFW I keep finding easter eggs in my trees