Animal Crossing: New Waypoints

I would die for Flick.

Seeing that there will be a gorgeous museum, the return of all my favourite non-villager characters, local co-op with two joy-cons, and all of the things I was worried this lite survival Animal Crossing could lack, I am now SO DAMN EXCITED for this game. It’s surpassed Ooblets in my most anticipated.

Also, if there are any Canadian Waypointers with a family Nintendo Online membership with some open slots… :eyes: I’m gonna try to budget for a membership, but the game itself is already pushing how much I should be spending on this stuff.

Oh gods the museum, of course, how could I forget the most beautiful part of the entire trailer?

It’s dropdead gorgeous. I’m going to spend so much time in there just starry eyed.


The Dinosaur Kid in me screamed when I saw you could walk between and under the big fossils! And the bug rooms… :tulip: :butterfly: :blossom: :honeybee: :sunflower: :beetle: :hibiscus:


I honestly have never put that together until I noticed all the Nook apps they showed featured a tanuki running around. Thanks!

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… okay i just had a Phoenix Down moment. Tom. Nook. Tan-nuki. I get it.



Also don’t let people move in over my rare flowers I work hard on those!


The Animal Crossing community reacting to the announcement that you can toast bread in New Horizons

— Tylor (@theSirToasty) February 20, 2020

If you can toast. What else can you do?

20th March is going to be the best day of the year.

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It got mentioned in the latest podcast when Austin and Gita joked about the Gamecube version giving the player a lot of shit for not playing, but can folks tell me about how games in the series have evolved to treat the player spending “less” time playing the game?

I had a very pleasant month or two playing the DS version but was really put off by the way the villagers responded to me leaving the game for a few months; I have a very distinct memory of it raining in the village and each person I talked to had a different very pointed critique or complaint about the fact that I had been gone for so long–it sucked. It was definitely one of the most unique experiences a game has ever given me but also one that kind of drove me from future AC titles because I couldn’t stand the idea that I would end being beholden to these folks and ultimately let them down.

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I can’t say for City Folk (chose to skip that one), but New Leaf is seemed like more people were just generally worried and relieved to see you?

I’ll look up the script for the personality types and check to be sure. It’s been awhile.

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In New Leaf, Isabelle told me she was handling my mayoral duties while I was gone but she was happy to see me.
The town will be covered with weeds (unless you have a weeding ordinance), but there’s a weeding min game with gardener sloth that gives you unique rewards when this happens.


That’s a relief. I have caught second-hand enthusiasm for New Horizons that was largely held back by a concern that the game could/would feel too much like a chore to me and have a similarly unpleasant ending as the DS one. If that’s not the case, I am must more willing to give myself over to the hype.

I literally sold ACNL back to games top bc the guilt of not being able to play as often just killed me. XD

The fact that the villagers have those reactions, that they know how many days or months have passed, that they continued to live their lives regardless of your input in the world, that they get mad/worried that you’ve been gone, feels like part of the essence of the series, and was especially cool for the GameCube version where that sort of idea felt very new. And if you’ve been gone, it’s literally one (1) interaction where they comment on it and then it’s back to normal. Feels like a really bad reason to not get a game if it seems interesting to you.

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If, like me, you get super busy and can’t keep up with ACNL, suddenly every time you turn on the game, you get these messages. So, yeah, I sold it back.

Feels like really bad to judge people on the little things that key their anxiety.

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Unless there’s a secret project to create a mega rail to the mainland, I’ll really miss the train in this one. Loved that train in the AC series. I’d play a AC side game that was just on the train.

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I booted up New Leaf for the first time in about a year so I could figure out my town tune for New Horizons (the Travellers theme from Outer Wilds), and miraculously nobody had moved out! So I’ve gotten back into the habit of putting in a couple of minutes a day into it, and it has been so delightful, I missed my town so much!

The Outer Wilds town tune, if anybody was interested.


Possibly no genders in New Horizons, but certainly it looks like all hairs and eyes (eye lashes!) aren’t gender-locked anymore. If there is no gender selection anymore, that’d also mean the Able sisters won’t always point out when a male villager decides to wear a dress. :hedgehog:


Animal Crossing was already a gaming safe space for me. If I can wear a dress in peace in New Horizons and be as feminine as I want without it ever being called out as odd or interesting behavior then I’m going to have some GOAT feelings for this game.


I’ve been watching and reading a bunch of stuff about AC:NH today and still have one big question. But, maybe someone else here has caught something I missed and knows the answer!

The Big Question:
If you have a house on an island on one Switch and you use another Switch to travel to that island, will it know that you’re a resident of that island and let you do stuff with your house?

Like if I’m traveling and want to co-op into the island I share with my spouse and do home owner stuff, can I do that???

No, because the game doesn’t have cloud saves.

The game is just going to be looking for your character data, not who is the person who owns that character.

For Switch #2, you have a different island with a different character, even if it is the same account.

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