Animal Crossing: New Waypoints

I still don’t understand why people are razing these islands. It seems like a lot of work to intentionally destroy a random island, and the only reason I have seen is creating a fake ‘tarantula island’ (no flowers, stumps, so only tarantula spawn) but even that is quite labour intensive when you can catch bugs/fish in the same amount of time that total in Bells to a full inventory of tarantula.

The worst thing I’ve done to one of these burner islands is pick all the flowers, but I left the stems so if one could theoretically return, it’d be back to normal within a couple of days.


So I definitely just had the same random island twice in a row. Same island design, same character and campfire in the same location. No idea if the trees, flowers, rocks, were precise but it felt pretty spot-on. A little surprising and makes me wonder per the Waypoints episode discussion last week that there may actually be a finite number of these islands and the game selects a number instead of generating new one randomly.

I understand the concern for ethical implications, but sometimes it is a nice release to be able to raze a fictional island without consequences.

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Really enjoying the game so far! My only real complaint is how everyone has to pause for a few minutes when someone joins an island on multiplayer. It’s a lot of fun inviting people to my island otherwise.

It took me way longer than I want to admit but I am proud to show off my first bit of custom clothing: Amuro Ray’s jacket!!


I finally got around to making some more outfit designs last night! Here’s the Ball Guy t-shirt from Pokemon:

And here’s the Squid Satin Jacket from Splatoon:


I’m confused at the need to raze an island. You can get wood without chopping down trees and flowers without destroying them. Rocks are better if you hit them a bunch and then maybe break them to get one last rock. It strikes me as kind of unnecessary, but I’m also out here hemming and hawing over picking all my weeds b/c I’m wondering if they count as natural flora, so I guess YMMV.


So… over here in the Southern Hemisphere, I came across an island with only sharks. Sold for 500,000 bells.


Yesterday Snake was sitting outside my house licking a lollipop it was so cute

I’ve seen a villager sing too and that was adorable, but the lollipop thing surprised me


My Ex-Power-Ranger Rabbit Mira is always doing excersise routines in the town square and I wish I could join in.

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A feature to do the squats and stuff that the villagers do would be so good. Or being able to harmonize with them when they sing? Just being able to interact with them in ways other than talking when they’re doing special things would be so good

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Enjoying this game immensely so far; AC has always been good at being deceptively simple but extrodinarily complex when you zoom in on it and they seem to have doubled down on this in New Horizon.
I have some of you in my friends list already from Dragons Dogma. If anyone needs fruits or whatever, message me
Also wanted to add that once you make the town hall, at 5 pm the town music has some serious funk, i love it

Had my first bit of frustration with the game today. I’ve been looking forward to getting turnips all week (only available on Sunday) only to find out they are sold only between 5:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Sunday. I probably missed them by five minutes and it’s just kinda like why you gotta do this to me game?? I can’t schedule my life around AC! Am debating adjusting my clock so I can “go back” and buy some but that sure feels like a hassle.

Granted, I didn’t know if I’d like Animal Crossing. It was very expensive and I’ve always bounced off games like Stardew Valley n that. But then uhhhh I found the designer and oops I’m hooked.

It’s mostly squid clothes - some visible in the background of these pics and on my villager.

branching into fan merch…

But I’m also working on a fashion line inspired by uhhh Half Life 2 placeholder textures

and have started putting together the entrance to my awful arts commune

Also the Ocarina is, without a doubt, the best thing in this game.


My partner made me turn the clock back an hour so she could get some turnips. Nothing bad happened :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve enjoyed playing around with an online pattern tool to convert jpegs into pixels.
Not having a stylus makes the pattern designer harder for me, haven’t made much from scratch.

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Never mind. My turnips actually rotted when I moved time back! I got some ants and flies from it tho!

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I think I can live with that consequence! Am gonna become chrononaut tonight.

That Waypoint poster :eyes: