'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' Seems Like a Real Animal Crossing Game

Nintendo fans have been patiently (and anxiously) waiting to see how Nintendo would adapt Animal Crossing to mobile, and tonight, the company revealed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Thankfully, it basically looks like Animal Crossing, albeit with your to-be-expected tweaks for microtransactions. It'll be available in late November.

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Game looks great and much more fully featured than I expected. A for real character customization is a big plus, they actually listened! The bird mechanics are amazing and I love everything about them.

I guess my one worry are the potential wait times on some of these construction projects. Knowing you can use the paid currency to hurry them up makes me worry about the times being inflated to encourage buying the tickets.

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Totally agreed. The camp site motif seems like a great choice for a mobile spin-off (a nice complement to the inevitable full-blown Switch version). This is much more feature-heavy than I expected, with exactly the sort of microtransaction economy I expected (i.e., not too obtrusive, as is par for the course with Nintendo’s mobile efforts). Crafting and friend levels are nice additions, too. And a quarry? Stardew Valley, anyone? Also, customizable Airstream trailers? I. Am. In.

I knew this wouldn’t be covered in the Direct, but please let there be some sort of Switch connectivity – that’s such a void in Nintendo’s mobile strategy at the moment. The dissonance between their Switch and mobile efforts is just bizarre.

My first question is it going to be paid with micro transactions like Mario Jump?
Second is are those birds who work on campers pigeons? penguins? were they also Italian?

edit : nvermind , a twitter detective showed me its free to play.

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Looks really good. I haven’t played an Animal Crossing game I didn’t like yet.

gonna have to invest in a bunch of phone battery cases tbh

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Watching that Direct made me want to go dig out my 3DS and clean up my town in New Leaf. This looks really awesome and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

I’m a huge fan of Animal Crossing so the fact that this is on my phone is awesome to me.

I was smitten with the game the second they revealed the camp motif and nothing they showed dissuaded me from it. Love the fully featured character creation!!


It’s looking good so far, can’t wait to play it.
It’s like the real thing but in a smaller scale.

This game looks like they know fully well the most manipulative aspect of the series is the real world time stuff and slapped a big money draining machine on it. The ticket stuff is a real horrible and (demonstrably from other games that utilise it) gross as hell way to make you throw money at it on impulse.

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Alright this is way more ambitious than I thought it would be, I’m excited. My only concern is the large construction projects taking a ton of time. I played more Clash of Clans way back than I would care to admit, and some of the later projects in that would literally take like 2 weeks to finish building without the help of the premium currency, which was a bummer. Can only hope this is more generous.

It looks like the Leaf Tickets will work in a similar way that Diamonds did in Magikarp Jump, which I think was actually handled pretty well

I really hope there won’t be too much locked behind long waits. That’s what always kills mobile games for me. I just want to sit down and play for a while, but they keep wanting me to stop. Hopefully this has a good balance.

it looks cute like all AC games.

It is definitely vibing with me right now. I also get a new phone in two weeks, it’ll probably be my most used app this side of Facebook and Spotify when it launches. It’s nearly all that I had hoped for – I had somewhat foolishly held onto hope that it would be to the same scale as a traditional Animal Crossing in terms of the map size and the way it’s navigated, but it at least does seem like the core loop pretty much exists and is just slightly altered in some ways to fit a microtransaction model for expediency.

I’m personally very excited!

It looks like furniture crafting is behind a multiple hour timer, based on quick snippets in the direct. It’s unclear whether that’s item-dependent.

All in all, I’m impressed they seem to have found a way to simplify the core Animal Crossing loop to fit into a mobile game’s shorter play sessions. I’m now cautiously excited for its launch.

Looks cool. Wouldn’t mind seeing what camps Waypointers would build. Austin’s would be a spaceport, I bet.

When someone would start “share your ID” thread on this forum, I demand “Friend in your pocket” in a title.

The best Animal Crossing is Animal Crossing on the go. Looks pretty good.

Character customization looks pretty cool but I think it would be cool if you could change your character to be any species in the AC world. I think that would add even greater customization.

Your debts to Tom Nook will be real ?

Has this been his plot all along the capitalist swine …I mean raccoon thingy .

I gotta say I’m pretty shocked they went in this direction for their mobile game, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. It looks very impressive.

I’m curious if they’re being this ambitious for their mobile game if that means they are going to be upping the ante for their Switch debut.