Anime, Coronavirus, and Yoko Taro: The Making of 'SINoALICE'

When someone drops an email asking “Hey, would you like to interview Yoko Taro?” the answer is always and forever: yes, absolutely. This even includes conducting an in interview about a game you’ve never heard of. In this case, that’s SINoALICE, a mobile RPG from 2017 that, three years later, is finally being released outside Japan.

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Patrick has to read Dragon Ball now. He’s required by law.

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Likely because I’m playing it right now, but this entire interview sounds like a conversation in Disco Elysium


I made this earlier:


Taro: Do you really believe that the authors would be revived? Oh… you must be a very honest and good person…

I can’t tell if this is a compliment or an insult but Patrick should be very proud.
Also the fact that Maeda believes people in the West don’t know about manga is very funny to me.

That’s Maeda messing with the audience, not what they actually believe to be true.


Taro: When I was younger all I watched was anime, and I had no interest in fairy tales. Anime is the best. The pictures move and talk. It’s all you ever need.

that’s right

p.s. if anyone is checking this game out we have a guild called “wayboink” because i was the first person to dick around and make one and nobody stopped me