Anime style game suggestions

Help! I need an anime style game (ideally an action rpg of some kind) to fill the void in my heart left after I finished Kingdom Hearts 3! Please leave suggestions and why you like the game!

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I don’t know if it’s anime style, but NieR: Automata is an action RPG with some real fun combat segments and an interesting story with lots of twists.

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Anime style action gameplay or themes like power of friendship saving the word sort of stuff? What platform are you playing on?

General suggestions:
Devil May Cry series
Bayonetta series
God Eater series
Tales series
Any 3rd person action game that came out of Japan for the PS2.

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How recent do you want to get?

Tales of Vesperia is one of the better Tales games and it got a remaster last month. Could also probably find Tales of Berseria for cheap at this point. Same goes for something like Ni no Kuni 2.

Persona 5 is pretty much the most anime style on the market.

Xenoblade 2 + the Torna expansion is still the most use I’ve gotten out of my Switch.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is pretty good and there’s a Valkyria Chronicles 1 remaster out there, too.


Gotta be a bit more specific here, because I’m getting the itch to rec Borderlands 2 even though it’s not anime.

It’s an action RPG done up as an FPS where you can gain experience and build one of six characters up (two are DLC). Everyone has three skill trees to invest in, each giving different bonuses to match a particular play style. It’s really meant for multiplayer, but you can absolutely do a full single player campaign alone. It’s also very ridiculous and exciting in general. I highly recommend you play as Zero, who is both the sniper option and the melee option, getting a lot of buffs that award single strikes from invisibility and critical hits for massive, one-shotting damage at the cost of any meaningful survivability growth.

I would not recommend any Persona game because they’re all made by a homophobic sexist and aren’t action games, but I double double the rec for the Tales series in general, particularly Abyss. Enemy encounters are shown via enemies on the map and not just random encounters, and the battle system is based around teamwork and combos.

I’d also throw out the Yakuza series, particularly 0 (a prequel anyone can start at) and Kiwami 1 (a remake of the PS2 original). They’re basically beat-em ups with RPG progression and open world side stuff, but more in the Shenmue style than any western example. You can get experience and bonuses for just doing stuff like racing pocket cars or trying a resturaunt’s entire menu, for example. Heat moves, special moves you can pull off during battle, are all also completely ridiculous and extremely anime.

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams is also worth bringing up and anyone who says it’s bad is wrong. It’s the last game from hat franchise and takes places a while after the Nobunaga saga of the first three games, with a mostly all new cast dealing with a new threat. Very shifted towards action compared to the more survival horror founded trilogy and has a lot of goofy, power of friendship anime fun, yet still with some leftover Resident Evil body horror mixed in for a a very weird and endearing mixture of tone confusion (also holy shit Munenori). Also has RPG experience and level up progression.

Oh, and Zone of the Enders. They have crap dubs and translated scripts, and the second game basically makes no sense once you realize what the bad guy actually wants to do, but the actual action is as anime as any mecha game will ever get.


Devil May Cry
Nier: Automata
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Dark Souls (heavily influenced by Berserk, don’t @ me)
Secret of Mana (more similar to KH than you might think)
Breath of the Wild
Chrono Trigger

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If you dug Kingdom Hearts then the next logical step is World of Final Fantasy Maxima, which plays an extremely similar jam to KH. It’s an absolute belter and I’ll never shut up about it. I brought my old blog out of retirement just to write about it! It’s on sale on steam right now!

God Eater 3 just happened too, and I’ve always loved God Eater’s particular brand of anime goodness. Apparently the game is a damn sight better this time too, which is nice.

And Xenoblade 2 and it’s standalone expansion Torna the Golden Country are both utterly incredible. I’d reccomend getting Torna first then if you really dug it and wanna sink like 5 times more playtime into it, then grab the main game. Or just get both at once! Can’t go wrong!

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The Ys series, one of the longest running action RPG franchises, is really really good. Most of the games are available on Steam (i think 5, is the only one without at least a remake on there) and every game past 3 has almost no story connection to the others beyond having the same main character, so you can basically just pick one and go for it. My favourite is Ys Origins, a prequel set 200 years before the main games and one of the few to actually have anything to do with Ys itself, but they’re pretty much all great. That said i’d steer clear of 1 and 2 as they have a really weird battle system (you fight enemies by just running into them like a goomba and hoping you got the hitbox right so they die before you do) that i personally found really hard to get used to, and 8 had a lot of bugs on Steam at launch (probably all fixed by now but i still don’t trust NISA enough to get it) and the Switch version has apparently some huge framerate issues. That said, the others are great and the games also have really great soundtracks.

From the same developer, Tokyo Xanadu EX+ is basically a Persona game but with more action-based dungeon crawling and less blinding homophobia. i haven’t finished it yet but i hear the story gets absolutely buck wild towards the end so that’s a plus.


I also came in here to recommend Ys and Tokyo Xanadu! (I dunno where the PC and Switch versions ended up, but I can vouch for Ys 8 on PS4, at least.) TX in particular is Pretty Frickin’ Anime.

Dragon Quest 11 came out recently and is getting a Switch release soon. It basically looks like an Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball) anime. It is a traditional jrpg. Also the Dragon Quest Builders series is very good. It is like Minecraft but with light rpg elements and Toriyama’s art style. They are available on Switch as well

The Disgaea series is incredibly anime. It is a strategy rpg like Final Fantasy Tactics but you can grind your characters to absurd levels and have broken builds of skills and passive abilities. They are fun and really good as portable games. 5 was released on Switch with all the dlc bundled with it.

The Star Ocean games are very similar to the Tales series. The team who created the series originally worked on the first Tales game and then split off to create Star Ocean. They have the action combat of Tales games but take place in a sci-fi setting. I recommend the starting with the first two games. Sadly the latest and easiest to access versions of these are only available on PSP. The third, fourth, and fifth games all have PS4 ports and are alright in comparison.

Other people have mentioned the Persona series, but I would recommend other SMT games as well. Devil Survivor 1 & 2 on 3ds are strategy rpgs that have this visual novel component with multiple endings. The upcoming Catherine re-release has some light ties to the Persona universe. It is a puzzle game with some light visual novel/branching story stuff. Some of the mainline SMT games are anime as well. 3, 4, and Strange Journey are all very good monster-taming style rpgs. 3 has a PS3 port whereas 4 and Strange Journey have 3ds versions available. They can be kinda punishing so just know you’re getting into.

Also, if you like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, you should check out Rune Factory 4 when it gets its Switch release. It is basically like those games if they also had a very good dungeon crawling action rpg attached to it. It as anime as fuck.


If you have to play Catherine, get the original version. The game also had a general issue with the director’s general transphobia and mild sexist tendencies, but the re-release somehow makes these aspects of the game even worse in ways I didn’t think we’re possible. The puzzle mechanics are very interesting, but the narrative is one of the most vile cis straight guy preaching sessions you’ll ever come across.

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If you haven’t played them yet I recommend Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2

They’re both games about an anime lady called Kat who can manipulate gravity, which she uses to fight (very Heartless-esque) enemies. She can also use it to fly be changing gravity to be pointing in a direction and then falling through the air that way. It’s gorgeous, the story is good, the characters are great and honestly they’re both just two of the best playing games around. I still boot up Gravity Rush 2 on the reg just to fly around for a bit because it’s fun to do.

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Let’s see, where can we find all of the following?

  • General anime aesthetics

  • Somewhat convoluted plot with supernatural elements

  • Little to no care for chronological consistency

  • Strong bonds of friendship overcoming any obstacle

  • Absurdly named characters with even more questionable fashion sense

  • A main protagonist with a suspicious duplicate

  • Unlocking people’s hearts


  • An extremely unlikely crossover with a different fictional universe?

Friends, there is really only one possible solution here…




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I don’t give a fuck about no paw paw fruit.


Warframe is a pretty good anime. Space ninjas, cool abilities, loot, interesting mysterious story.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a bad anime. Don’t @ me.


I like Destiny 2 I don’t why because this series is now available with a unique story and amazing players which makes this game more playable as compared to its previous version.
There are other games too which I like to play called COD, GTA 5, and many more.

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Oh World of Final Fantasy looks interesting. Do you recommend the Maxima upgrade or is the base game enough? For whatever reason, I wasn’t thinking of it as a Pokemon style game. But maybe it’s the pokemon game I’ve been needing.

Borderlands 2 feels very anime. It’s also a good example of what I wish Destiny did with meaningful upgrades and very different feeling classes/builds. I loved my play through with the Mechromancer’s anarchy upgrade.

That’s really disappointing. The game looked like it was doing some interesting things, but I wanted to wait for the re-release with the hope they would fix some things. I know Atlus has a pretty bad track record with this stuff, but still.

I heard the remake was not very good. Did you have a fun experience with it?

I’d definitely reccomend the Maxima upgrade for World. It’s got a good few hours of extra content at the back end thats really just more of the game at it’s best, but mostly it adds a whole bunch of quality of life stuff and the ability to (sort of) play as the final fantasy characters you meet in the story. Absolutely worth the extra 6 quid or so. Also it adds a bunch of special catchable mirages to the colliseum, including a Cop Magitech Armor and a Baby Tonberry dressed as Santa.

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I didn’t touch that ugly remake. My first experience with the game was playing it on the SNES Classic mini. It holds up.