Anime that Feel Like Iron-Blooded Orphans?

Hi folks, it’s me, the person who posts once a year to ask for anime recommendations!

I got on a whole anime mood tonight and thought the people here would probably have some good recommendations for stuff I’m feeling~~~

Specifically, I went back and rewatched a couple episodes of Iron-Blooded Orphans. There’s a specific vibe I’m really into, so not just “are there any other shows with mechs?” which I’m well aware do exist but might not be the same =P

(I’ll describe things from all of season 2, so spoilers for those who care!)

Do people have recommendations for shows that have a similar like… excitement x tragedy vibe, like just the whoooole back half of season 2 where everyone’s making dramatic, doomed last stands and it’s exciting action and then people die and everyone’s crying and so onnnn? I’m thinking of the episodes where Naze and Amida die, McGillis dies, and Akihiro and Mikazuki die, in particular.

In short, I’m lookin to get swept up in some drama and action but then have a lil cry for the tragedies, y’knowww?? I’m open to any genre as well, doesn’t have to be mecha =3

If you’re looking for drama, action, and a lil cry after watching IBO my immediate recommendation is gonna be Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. I am no anime connoisseur but the vibe you describe also makes me think of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. Hope those suggestions are helpful!


You might wanna give Code Geass or Aldnoah.Zero a go! Both spiral into tragedy in all sorts of ways, also mechas! :smirk_cat:
And if you can stomach the CGI animation and just want tragedy and doom from minuter one you can try Knights of Sidonia :sweat_smile:

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Realized that the first few things that came to mind were all written by Urobochi Gen, so maybe just start there… mileage may vary. Fate/Zero, Psycho Pass, Madoka, etc.

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On the gundam front zeta would be my suggestion. Non gundam would probably be legend of the galactic heroes although it’s not as much of a spiral nor as visceral in the same way


After thinking about this for a bit, I might actually recommend Mai-Hime (which I don’t do very often).
It’s been quite a while since I saw it, but I think it really nails that heightened melodramatic “cool fights that eventually get very tragic” vibe that you might be after.

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Mai-Hime is definitely kinda the proto-Tragic Magical Girl show.

Also just generally maybe something like Scrapped Princess from around the same era. Re-watched a chunk of it recently (last year, maybe?) when Crunchyroll acquired it and I think it’s still pretty good.

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Thank you for the replies everyone! I’ve actually watched and enjoyed a good number of these =P

Watched 08th MS Team soon after IBO and it was definitely good, although certainly a different tone overall. Just watched the new (remake?) of Legend of Galactic Heroes on crunchyroll and reeeally loved that too.

Saw Knights of Sidonia years ago, it was also good! I got towards the end of s1 of Code Geass and it got a little frustrating and hard to stick with after a certain turn… buuuut I’ve been meaning to finish it. Only saw a few episodes of Aldnoah.Zero and have been meaning to give it another try too.

Biiiig fan of Psycho-Pass (s1 anyway…). On a side note, the Japanese voice actor (Sakurai Takahiro) who voices McGillis Fareed in IBO and Makishima in Psycho-Pass (and probably some other roles in these shows I’m not remembering) is just, gosh, I love him and his character in everything @_@

As for the other shows, I’ll definitely add them to my list! :slight_smile:

Could also give Valvrave the Liberator a go! (make sure to stick around for the post credis of ep1). And Gundam Wing, the most-like-IBO-gundam imo ;D

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