Announcing, the (un)official Mastodon server for the Waypoint community

With uncertainty around Twitter’s future at an all-time high, the Waypoint Mod Team is pleased to announce that, the (un)official Mastodon server for the Waypoint community, is now open for signups! Please include your Discord or Forum username in the “why do you want to join” field when signing up, as all new accounts will be manually reviewed. While we welcome anyone who shares our goals into the community as a whole, we are currently only prepared to handle signups on from those who are already active members of the community. This policy may be reevaluated at a later date once we have a better idea how much effort it takes to run and moderate this service.

We don’t see this as a replacement or alternative to our existing Forum or Discord. Rather, we are providing this service as a gateway to Mastodon and the Fediverse with the same commitment to moderation and user safety that you’ve come to expect from our community as it exists today. Once your account is setup, you can start following and interacting with your friends and other users including those whose accounts are not hosted on If you already have an account on another server, you’re welcome to follow the migration process to move to if you prefer, or you can continue to use it as it currently is and follow your Waypoint friends from there. Server costs are already covered for now, but we will consider opening up crowdfunding depending on the success and popularity of this service.

You may notice that the rules on are a bit more relaxed than those on our Discord and Forum. We feel that there are a number of things that are not okay to post in Discord channels or Forum threads, where everyone is participating in a shared discussion and cannot easily opt-out of individual posts without missing part of the conversation. Whereas on Mastodon, like Twitter, you can choose to engage only with the users and content you want to, while unfollowing/muting/blocking those you don’t. There is also a built-in content warning feature so that you can post sensitive content while allowing other users to choose whether they want to see it. If you do happen to come across content that breaks our server rules, whether it was posted by an account on or not, you can use the Report feature and the moderators will take action if necessary. Mastodon has moderation tools that allow us to block accounts from other servers, or even block entire servers as needed to keep our space safe.

A note on privacy: Site moderators will be able to see the email address you registered with and the last IP address you used to access the site. This is primarily to detect spam and block/ban evasion and we don’t plan to access this information under normal circumstances. Additionally, while we cannot normally see other users’ private posts and DMs, we may be able to access those that are reported to us by another user as needed to perform our duties as moderators. We value your privacy and believe it’s best to only share your data with people you know and trust to handle it with the care it deserves, rather than a corporation who stands to profit from it. That said, if you’re not comfortable with members of the Waypoint mod team having this access to your data, we understand and encourage you to investigate other Mastodon servers (or you can even run your own).

Finally, if you’re feeling confused about Mastodon and the Fediverse, this website has a lot of great info in language that’s much easier to understand than the official documentation:


Finally a place to dump my XCOM posters without clogging up the screenshots thread!


This is a cool move. I appreciate laying out the privacy issues inherent to Mastodon and how you intend to handle them, but mostly it’s good to see folks taking advantage of the server system because none have particularly appealed to me up to now.

I don’t know if I’ll migrate across or just stick with .social, but I’ll take this opportunity to say I’m Korlis in most places as I look for potential Twitter successors - Mastodon, Hive (app only, but same username), Cohost, and (while it lasts) Twitter. Would love to connect with the rest of the Waypoint community in any of those places.