Announcing the 2018 Game Devs of Color Expo call for talks/games/volunteers


Hey everyone. I asked 2mello about posting this here, and he gave me the go ahead!

I am Shawn, one of the co-organizers of the Game Devs of Color Expo - a Harlem, NYC based event that’s about expanding the conversation around games, and games culture.

We invite an intersection of people from black, Latinx, and other ethnic/racial marginalized backgrounds who make games and game related art, including music, those who write about games, stream games, and basically do anything related to games as culture to submit games and/or talk ideas/topics.

We are also looking for volunteers (who we pay, if at least a gift card for their time), and if you’d just like to come, please do!

Here’s our site - please feel free to ask me any questions here!


Sounds cool! I’ll be sure to spread the word.


Some games that were featured at the Game Devs of Color Expo 2017

Card Witch (first time it was ever demoed publically!)

Breakup Squad


The Ultimate Clapback

We plan to have a bunch of cool games, and their creators at this years event!