‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ Has a Refreshingly Nuanced Take on Villainy


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I don’t know that it was necessarily in the text of the movie so to speak, but I really enjoyed Josh Brolin’s portrayal of Thanos is the latest Avengers movie. Balanced, more than anything else is the adjective that seems to permeate the performance, it is chillingly meassured and Brolin manages to, not necessarily humanize the character, but sort of present him, this omnipotent super villain, into what is a crushingly stoic and tragic presence. You never quite root for Thanos, but Brolin’s performance is so steeped in pathis that you can’t help but empathize with the enormous weight he is carrying on his shoulders.


Agreed. It’s certainly a better and more nuanced version of Thanos than we get in Infinity Gauntlet, wherein the character is essentially Pepe le Pew.


lol, I mean that sounds appealing in it’s own way, I guess.


What, you weren’t big on him creating his version of Kreiger’s anime wife just to make Death jealous?


Has Walton Goggins ever played a character who isn’t slimy?


[spoiler]I enjoyed the tragic villain of ghost mostly. The end is where I got disappointed. This is a rough take.

The pain pushed ghost to crazy lengths to survive. Bill her pseudo father figure tries to keep her in check. For me she lost her humanity. I think I would have liked more dialogue around shields treatment of her and also Bill’s presence in her life.

The heroes hold out enough to bring wasp’s mum (old wasp) back from the quantum realm. Hitting the desperate villain in the process with a quantum spaceship . Ghost doesn’t come to some realisation or redemptive thought but she is saved albeit temporarily by old wasp.

Even with the flashbacks of losing her parents and the parallels you can draw with the Wasp’s lost parent / Hank’s lost wife, Ghost cannot relate. Maybe this disconnect speaks more to her shield training which isn’t discussed.

At the end of the movie ghost and bill escape, which was fine. Got to see a deepened relationship between the two.

Would have rathered Ghost as she is about to kill old wasp, breaks down understanding the meaning behind her actions and becoming a character more worthy of being redemption.[/spoiler]


I saw the movie yesterday and enjoyed it. It really feels like they grew the Ant-man world with some new great characters, almost a team of their own now. Ghost’s character design was real good too and I hope we see more of her. Also, I was unaware that Pfeiffer was in the movie, that was so good. This movie was definitely better than the last.

As for the ending, Pfeiffer was telling Ant-man instructions on navigating the Quantam zone and she mentioned the “time zone” or the “time something”. That has to be how he gets out of there. The next Captain Marvel movie takes place in the 90’s and there has been no mention of her so far other than the pager, and she is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel. She must have some weird time things going on in her timeline too.

And on a side note, I go to all the Marvel movies with my father. He is a cyborg with dual Cochlear implants so we go to this one theater that has a closed caption device. It is a little screen on a bendable arm that sticks in the cup holder and he moves it so the captions are shown underneath the screen. The last two times we have gone it hasn’t worked. They have all these kids working there and they must not train them on how it works. Really sucks for him.