Anthem: Conviction, or, Neill Blomkamp Presents Crash Course Anthem History

Neill Blomkamp’s three-and-a-half minute short film set in the world of Anthem dropped on YouTube today.

Feels very conceptual: lots of snippets of stories, bits of lore, some action. Feels like a tone piece for what EA wants you to expect from the game. Blomkamp’s work has always interesting to me, quality aside (read: Chappie).

What did you think?

I am such a sucker for live action trailers/promos like this one. I wasn’t planning on checking out Anthem but after this… well I still probably won’t unless a lot of people say the story/writing is particularly great. But a video of real actual people dressed up in what is basically the highest quality cosplay for a video game? Sign me the heck up for that every single time.

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Honestly, it kinda looked bad to me, like a trailer for an incredibly generic big budget sci fi movie. Which is what basically Anthem is, to be fair. There isn’t a thread about it yet on the forums, but I’ve played for about 4 hours yesterday and even this trailer seems more interesting than whatever is going on with the story in Anthem so far - although of course it will probably pick up? I hope.

The trailer especially looks more compelling because it seems to be full of people who are at the very least taking everything seriously and are part of some epic (albeit shallow imo) story. The tone of Anthem so far is nothing like that, it’s just a light breezy fun time with characters playing up their heroics, constantly quipping, basically treating life like a video game… I hate it.

Anyways sorry I just had to rant about this somewhere. I think the trailer overall is well done but the story it seemed to hint at just seemed super bland. Although like I said I would prefer that trailer’s approach to what they have in the actual game.

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Just want to point out, per Rock, Paper, Shotgun, that the video was originally titled “An Anthem Story” for half an hour until it was renamed “An Anthem Trailer”. It was ok, I’m just not entirely sure what it was going for beyond telling people that there will be a story in Anthem. Other than the suits it could be a trailer for literally any large-scale dramatic movie. “The bad guys were in charge, until the good guys were in charge, but now the bad guys are coming back.” It did look pretty cool, though.

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