'Anthem,' 'Cyberpunk 2077,' 'Battlefield V' and Much More From E3 2018

On the first official day of E3 we saw many, many games. Among them were Anthem, Cyberpunk 2077, Ooblets, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Battlefield V, and many, many more. We were also blessed by the appearance of one LA Rob, a man so badass we had to mention him in the podcast title.

Discussed: Kids, Ooblets, Knights and Bikes, Super Meat Boy Forever, Ori and the Will of The Wisps, Anthem, The Sinking City, Battlefield V, Destiny 2, Control, Ghosts of Tsushima, Cyberpunk 2077.

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Good listen as always.

I’m really excited that there is a new slew of “Destiny-Likes” or whatever you want to call them coming up. Unfortunately as a human with a job and also other obligations I am keenly aware that I am not going to be able to fully indulge in Destiny 2, The Division 2, and Anthem and really get a lot out of each of them. I already own Destiny 2, though I haven’t played in months, and I am definitely interested in The Division 2 and Anthem.

I’ll be paying close attention to coverage in the coming months because I will likely just try and commit to one of them. It’s nice to be spoiled for choice but as all these games seem to be pitching the infinite play scenario it makes it hard to decide where to jump in.

I know Waypoint is not necessarily a consumer advocacy site but I am interested to learn your thoughts on what the key differentiating factors between these online co op pve pvp raid loot grind shooters is. I’m OK with spending my entertainment budget on many video games, I’m more interested in how I spend my time. Like Kanye says, time is the real luxury item.

Anyways I am having a blast listening to these E3 pods, keep up the good work. Make sure to hydrate and eat a good breakfast :wink:


Hearing Austin and Patrick describe their excitement about the hands-on time with Anthem was such a relief for me and honestly what I was hoping for them ever since they experienced the reveal trailer. I always appreciate getting to experience people’s passion and joy for things like this vicariously.

The positive response to the core action gameplay and the character stuff has me feeling much more bullish about the game for the time being.


While I’m glad that Anthem feels great, I’m still not sold on it just yet. Destiny also feels great in the moment-to-moment sense, but that gameplay needs to be in service to something larger. Ideally that something would be a classic Bioware branching narrative, but I’m willing to settle for a coherent story with a defined goal. Or even just cool characters that bounce off each other outside of whatever loot hub they have. Or possibly a kick ass competitive mode where I can use the toolbox of abilities against other players. But if it’s all in service of a loot grind, then I don’t particularly care about how cool the jet pack is.

Hearing Austin and Patrick rave about their time with Anthem definitely has me more willing to meet the game halfway, but I remain skeptical. Hopefully Bioware can pull this off.

EDIT: If there isn’t a Waypoint clan in BFV that only plays Axis and called “LA Rob’s Army”, I will be severely disappointed.


I think I still fall into having high hopes for Anthem because unlike Bungie, I still trust Bioware to weave together a good narrative. Everything I’ve heard about MA:Andromeda was not great, but with all the games from the studio I’ve played, I never felt like their writing was ever a shortcoming (and that includes ME:3 – don’t @ me). I think the game’s main issue at the moment is how silent they are about what the story actually is (apparently the primary antagonists are another human faction who’s politically at odds with the players…that would have been really cool to hear more about!). Maybe as February 22, 2019 rolls closer Bioware will become more open about what Anthem is. But even as it stands, I’m all optimism for this game until new details are announced that would otherwise deter me.

I totally get why a lot of people here are left anxious about Bioware/their next game, but I don’t know, I’ve been a fan of the studio since the original KOTOR and I vividly remember the “Mass Effect 2 will prove EA killed Bioware” takes, so I just don’t align with the Anthem skepticism personally. All I want is that game to be good, and everything that’s actually been revealed about the game thus far indicates it’ll be a game worth looking forward to (for me at least).

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I wonder in Rob’s detective game if the shooting should be kinda shitty because the detective doesn’t use a gun much, or like Columbo, doesn’t use a gun. I want a Columbo game someone has to make that. Just jam on the “one more thing button” just trapping people in their lies.

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A Columbo game would have to have you play the murderer, right? Because the way that show worked the suspense was in how Columbo would solve the case, you’d never see him gathering clues and working it out.

LA Rob detective was totally working in his class interest cuz he’s a PI i.e. a Pinkerton.

Also the geas I was given at birth requires me to remind everyone that Lovecraft was a racist hack, actually. Like not a hack cuz he was racist, that’s true as well, but also his prose was fucking terrible and I’m sick of seeing his bullshit creep out of tabletop role playing and into video games.

Like, for as much as people complain about it not being the spirit of LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR, people shoot the Eldritch Horrors in Lovecraft stories all the time, cuz their pulp, and in pulp you shoot the bad thing.

Bloodborne is the only good eldritch horror story and so much of that is how it takes a completely different tack than Lovecraft on everything and is better at actually, telling a story.

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Imma let you finish but Fallen London is extremely good eldritch horror

I unfortunately haven’t been able to get into the browser game thing and haven’t made Sunless Sea click for me yet, but you and a lot of other people I trust say this also.

Alexis Kennedy actually just came out with a new game called Cultist Simulator and it is super good btw

I’ve seen people talk positively about that a lot in a discord room actually.

I guess I could also elaborate on why I find even drawing from Lovecraft’s stories at all so repugnant for those not familiar. His white supremacy was fundamental to his understanding of the horror in his stories. The fact that the apocalypse will be brought on by people who dress weird, are swarthy, practice dark magic, are working class, who speak in alien tongues that aren’t just a language you don’t know, but ravings that it’s actually impossible for you to understand in some cases and will drive you mad in others, is core to his stories. There’s a reason the Good Guy Race of cucumber aliens owned huge numbers of slaves.


L.A. Rob for Paxamania


I’m desperately trying to temper my expectations for Cyberpunk. The amount of journalists from a ton of outlets coming out of that demo in awe and almost speechless is making this incredibly hard. Patrick’s description on twitter of it being a “borderline religious experience” makes it impossible


I want Cyberpunk to be amazing. I have yet to play a CDPR game because the, uh. Kind of legit horrific homophobia in the second game is untenable for me. But it’s my genuine desperate hope that by digging into material that is so rooted in identity and oppression, and making a game that isn’t just about a cishet Dude, maybe that will give them the elevation they need to move beyond that and into greatness. Because god this sounds incredible.

Also Sinking City sounds buck wild and fun as hell, I need to look that up. And the whole pindrop in the Battlefield V convo had me laughing way too loud in a grocery store, whooooops.

I am grateful for all the dedicated coverage. I have listened to more podcast audio in the last week than I usually do in a month.


If it helps, Alexis Kennedy has repeatedly tried to cast off the label of Lovecraftian and persist in saying with Fallen London and Sunless Sea that his works are gothic. As someone who studied the gothic genre for a semester he is right that his works contain a lot more of the gothic themes than Lovecraftian ones. I didn’t include Cultist Simulator in that list because even Kennedy has admitted that with the '20s setting and focus on secret cults and eldritch places, he is treading closer to Lovecraftian than gothic. Certainly though his record shows (ex: the entire colonial satire in Sunless Sea) that he’s not one to fall into Lovecraft’s terribleness.

Shame Cultist Simulator hasn’t gotten more big site coverage. hint hint Waypoint crew


Really excited by the Cyberpunk stuff but I don’t really care how well Anthem feels like it plays.

Like, I’m sure there’s an audience for that game, and that’s fine for EA BioWare to find a new audience. But I’m out. Andromeda could play like the best ever cover shooter and it would still have been the worst Mass Effect game. The crunchy mechanics of shooting or traversal are not why I’m going to be going into that series (or any series set to carry that torch). Mass Effect 1 was still the best game despite the mechanics of combat being outright bad.

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The fact that CDPR’s work is kinda a cornerstone of what the worst parts of the gaming community think games should be, and the awful homophobia in The Witcher 2 that people in this thread have already highlighted, makes me incredibly sceptical about Cyberpunk.

Their games consistently pander to a narrow idea of what adult games should be: horny in a kinda pedestrian way, straight, violent, and “morally grey” in the sense that everything is one of three shades of nihilistic. The best their games have gotten is in Hearts of Stone, which was a fun fable mixed with a genre mash-up and even in that storyline they incentivised saving a piece of human trash because “it’s never too late to redeem yourself”.

It’s pretty sad that what people consider to be the pinnacle of AAA gaming is one where we’re fulfilling the same fantasies that we’ve been chasing after since early CRPGs and whose claim to fame is having a glut of passable writing on demand.

What I’m trying to say is where the fuck is Dragon Age 4: the good horny game.


Cyberpunk 2077 went from zero to Yes please, entirely on the back of that trailer and I’m glad Austin is digging it so far because he is handily my most trusted voice for whether something Cyberpunk is good. I hope it is because I am into what it is promising early doors.


This episode is next in my podcast queue so I’m curious to hear the various impressions.

I’ll already be there for Anthem because I’m the biggest shameless BioWare fan and I wasn’t not going to play it, but I’m glad to be hearing positive impressions. Also, Mark Darrah’s seemingly endless energy reserves for his lengthy Twitter Q&As are helpful as well, especially with more info about characters, lore, etc.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge conflict for me. I love cyberpunk and sci-fi stuff. I’m curious to hear if somebody like me who really disliked The Witcher 3 and found it really kind of gross re: the entire way it handled female characters and got really put-off by it and bailed after giving it several hours in two attempted playthroughs and is thus very leery of CDPR might be able to enjoy Cyberpunk. This one at least having a character creator makes me more interested than before (I really try to avoid games, especially RPGs, where I’m required to play as a white guy).