Anthem Official Gameplay Reveal


Discuss Bioware’s Iron Man x Destiny game pls
Nothing makes me more excited the shoulder mounted panzer dragoon rocket fusilades


The gameplay looks stellar
The forced voice chat, though,


I still don’t know what is worse, fake voice comms or fake esports


Looks interesting and probably the game I wanted destiny to be. I’ll still have to wait and see if they can handle it well after ME:A.


Different development teams I believe so my concern isn’t really there for that.


There were so many good robots, and dinosaurs, and loot. It’s kind of everything I want from a big budget videogame?? The Bioware label kind of concerns me since I don’t tend to love their games, but assuming it’s competently written and plays as good as that slice looked, I want to try it really bad.

Re: It’s Destiny, I kind of want to play both. I like looter shooters more than linear FPSs (since I’m bad at the genre and getting a really good gun makes them easier) and I anticipate this having less late game focus? Who knows.


Like I said in the Microsoft thread I really hope this isn’t all this is. I know people like Destiny but I’ve been waiting for something new from BioWare for so long and this is… Not what I wanted.

BioWares strengths really are noooot in open world co-op games and I’m not interested in that style of game at all.


This is the first time I’ve seen a Bioware game that doesn’t look like absolute Arse with a capital A to play. I don’t trust it fully, but if they can deliver on the Lite-MMO with Iron Man suits promise, I’m game as HELL.

Was never much into Bioware’s writing in general, so I’m fine with it taking a back seat to gameplay too.


To me this looks like extremely a AAA game. I guess I see the appeal for some people, but I’m just seeing a pile of AAA buzzwords (dynamic, open-world, loot). Between that and a muddy and generic sci-fi art style…eh, I don’t really see anything worth getting excited for yet.


I don’t need another time sink game with Destiny 2 coming out soon so I’m not sure on this. Also mechs are bad


A lot of us were let down by Destiny but really enjoy the concept of that game and I think that’ll make up a big chunk of the player base.


We’re all dumb, really.

stares dramatically into the middle distance while thinking about whatever the Mech equivalent of Sexy Abs are


I guess it depends on A: if you like the theme more then you like Destiny’s, C: you prefer third person, and B: if Destiny 2 brings in the people who didn’t like the first one


I want it to be good, but after the death of mass effect(possibly permanently with how bad they fucked it up) and seeing how “lifted” everything looks(destiny walled city with ironman fallout 4 power suits fighting the not fallen on Evolve’s planet with a homemade AT AT. I hope i am wrong but idk.


Visually impressive but the combat kinda looks super generic third person shooter? Would have to get my hands on it, obviously, but I dunno. Didn’t look very snappy at a glance.


Very much this. Every Bioware game I’ve played to date has had writing that made me want to keep playing and gameplay that made it literally impossible to do so. They have my attention, but not my trust.


Their best game is still Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, 'cos it copied it’s gameplay completely from Zubo and was basically a top-tier Sonic fanfic.


Right!?! I might even say the best Sonic game ever made…?


Am no gonny derail this topic with a lengthy Shadow The Hedgehog essay


Bioware is making Xenoblade Chronicles X with a bigger multiplayer focus?