'Anthem' Shows A Very Different Side of Bioware


The RPG studio is working off-menu for this one, and I'm not sure how the dish will turn out.

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A nice reminder to temper expectations, crystallizes a lot of my “it’s from… Bioware?” thoughts.


I’m fucking terrified of how they will end up handling this, because it seems like such a massive step outside of their wheel house. mobility and motion centered power suit game is a far cry from dialogue wheels and my biggest fear is that the combat ends up being like the massive effect combat. That combat is fine in the context of what those games are, but If you give me a power suit that can fly at crazy speeds and dive deep under water and shoot missiles, I want to be able to use that in at least some capacity in the combat.


Sounds like they’re just going back to their roots. :smiley:


hey yeah also, R O B O T S


on one hand, this game does look neat, but on the other there is already a Sexy Robot Mobility Action And Also Loot Grinds game that is aimed squarely at me and it is Warframe

and boy howdy even Bungie couldn’t top that one in my book


I mentioned this in another thread, but it looks like Bioware is making Xenoblade Chronicles X, but with bigger multiplayer.

So this Bob Dylan-level legendary, original experience notion is already lost on me. That being said, I really wonder how the Hardcore Bioware Fanbase that eats and breathes Mass Effect and Dragon Age is going to take to Anthem given that this game, at least based on what little has been shown, does not appear to be geared toward what people typically like Bioware games for.

Imagine if there’s no Awkward Bioware Romance and Fucking. Will people still buy the game if there’s no fucking?


I can tell you’re kinda looking down on the people who like the games for that reason but honestly. I don’t think I will? Like. Okay. If there’s no fucking I can deal. If there’s no romance I can probably deal. But if there’s no characters? No dialogue? If it’s just co op mech shootmans? I am definitely out.


I’m not a fan of Bioware conversation/relationship building, but I certainly don’t look down on the people that like those games for those aspects. While I am being a bit snarky in my wording, I really am curious if Anthem is a game that Bioware’s most loyal fans will take to given that it may not have the elements that those fans typically expect from Bioware.


I’m probably not going to bother with this game, but that’s mostly because I’m bitter that they left ME: Andromeda to be such a catastrophic shit show for a game that’s… Destiny/Warframe?

I don’t feel I can trust Bioware anymore, and honestly? I am one of those people who plays Bioware games for the RPG aspect, for better or worse. I sure as shit didn’t play or replay Mess Effect 1 and 2 for the combat, that’s for sure.

Kudos to them for going outside their wheelhouse, though. It’s one of those things I can tell they’ve been wanting to do ever since Mass Effect 3’s focus on combat and multiplayer. If I didn’t have so little room in my heart for this kind of game, I’d probably be more interested.


Honestly, Anthem was probably the biggest disappointment of the whole conference for me. I was really, really into everything I was seeing, right up until someone said, ‘and your friends’, and the fake Game Bantz™ started up. I just don’t really like playing games with other people–or, at least, I’ve never enjoyed a multiplayer experience anywhere near as much as even a relatively middling singleplayer story-driven RPG. This short excerpt from a conversation I had with a friend of mine as we watched the conference kinda sums up how I ended up feeling about it.

BioWare have been one of my favourite developers for as long as I’ve been playing games - playing KotOR for the first time was actually the experience that first exposed me to games as a medium - and their bread and butter style of game - big, expensive singleplayer RPGs, full of dialogue trees and main quests and side quests and stories and adventures - remains my absolute favourite.

Now, I’ve been really hoping that they’d try and mix up their formula for a good long while now - whether that means dumping the traditional party structure, or their reliance on ‘saviour of everything’ tropes in storytelling, or whatever else they might do - but… Well, there’s a pretty huge gap between that, and making a co-op loot shooter.

I wouldn’t be so bummed out about it, if it wasn’t for the fact that big-budget, story-driven - as opposed to loot-oriented, or whatever Fallout 4 was - singleplayer RPGs are an increasingly rarefied style of game even as it is - Obsidian, still my absolute favourite developer, don’t really work with large budgets/publishers any more, which leaves… Well, pretty much just BioWare and CDPR - and so I kinda can’t help but feel that Anthem represents a further step towards the genre’s demise.

Now, of course, this is all me being unreasonable, selfish even–BioWare can make whatever styles of games they want, and clearly plenty of people are intrigued by what Anthem has to offer. Whatever that is, though, it clearly isn’t for me, and as someone who’s been playing and enjoying BioWare’s games for most of my life, I can’t help but be saddened by that.


Anthem seems like one of those games that games writers are going to love, because they all have friends lists overflowing with people that buy games day one and actively play every night. But for players like me who can barely get a friend to join them for a round of Overwatch? Anthem is going to be a solo grind fest. Hopefully DA: Tevinter isn’t too far off.


Anthem as it stands right now looks like it’s going to be really unfocused like Destiny was at launch. I mean if Anthem doesn’t fuck what else is there to the game that Warframe/etc. doesn’t already do better?


I feel like I’m seeing a lot of negativity about this one but I kinda like everything I saw?

It did remind me of Destiny - but if it’s Destiny in a world I care more about that seems cool. If it caters more for solo players as has been suggested THAT seems cool. And if traversal is really as fun as that gameplay trailer made it look then I’m excited by that, too.

I dunno, maybe I just have a pretty low bar for being excited by games but I immediately wanted to play it.


I think I’m kid of in the same place. The gameplay looked good and was visually super impressive. Like Destiny, it will need something interesting to tie it all together, so I hope there’s a real story there. I don’t have anything invested in Bioware games being any particular kind of thing, though, so I certainly understand other folks feeling like it misses the mark.


I definitely want to see more. The gameplay didnt do much for me, not that i think it was bad, but there’s other games I can get similar enough multi player experiences from at least just based on that one mission. Show me the lore, show me more atmosphere, even if the gameplays good do I WANT to play here? Because I’d have played Destiny if it wasnt for all the story being shoved onto cards, and Destiny 2 looks like its fixing all that, so im waiting to hear more about that one before this.

…Also like hey how many mechs and power suits you got? Ay BioWare what’s the spread. Yo B-wares, how cool do they look? Can I customize them? Are they all mostly power armor or are there more like Scope Dogg sized units? Please???


I’m on team “doesn’t look like my type of game but I definitely want to know more about it regardless”.

It looks pretty neat and I want to know if there is any story to it because if that’s the case I could be swayed.


I’m looking forward to seeing more, I mean I’ve been a Bioware fan literally since Shattered Steel and MDK2 so I’ll give anything they do a fair chance. Just right now it looks pretty bare bones and given how EA treated Andromeda it’s hard for me to be optimistic about it. :frowning:


Wait does Warframe have, like, dungeons and junk?! This whole time I thought it was a competitive shooter-esque?!

Could I have been playing that the whole time I was waiting for Destiny on PC?!

Can I use more question-mark-exclamation-point-combos?!


Yeah I was wondering about this as well – is this a game I oughta be playing?