Anthem Thread for First Impressions, Criticism and Praise

Good or bad, I have a feeling that Bioware’s first foray into the “Shlooter” genre (I heard the word “shlooter”, so now you need to hear the word “shlooter”), Anthem, is going to be one of the most discussed games of the year.

So, let’s have a dedicated thread for it. What do you like? Dislike? What are your hopes for the game? How do you feel this game may effect Bioware’s future, if at all? Sound off below!

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I think the Colossus is bad ass and is getting short-shrift in all high-profile Anthem coverage thus far.


The Colossus is really cool and maybe the most unique suit in terms of gameplay, so it’s surprising how underutilized it is right now


An hour in and the moment to moment gameplay has me excited to go back but every single menu and non-combat infrastructure around the game is absolutely going to wear on me over time.

Also, seconding how extremely awesome the Colossus is


I’m about 5-ish hours into Anthem, and while I was really liking the experience, I ran into the part of the campaign where you need to do open world shit to progress and ugh. I’ll probably push through the drudgery if only to finish my 10 hour trial, but this feels like some grade A padding right here. And not the good javelin padding that looks so cozy, either.

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Apparently they’ve changed it since launch where those challenges WEREN’T tracked before Faye gives you the mission, which just sounds like the absolute worst.

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I haven’t unlocked Freeplay yet but based on what I’ve heard I feel like I wish they had just…copied Destiny more directly and given us more (any?) non-team open world areas to explore? It’s wild to me they’ve made something mmo adjacent that doesn’t have them


I like that Bioware is doing something different. The flight is rad even if I feel like it could be incorporated more into a more dynamic and frenetic combat

I dislike that it’s a live service game, multiplayer focused “schlooter”. Independently I can fuck with each of these things for a bit at least but when combined I feel no attachment the act of playing the game. Loot games wear thin with me pretty fast though, for whatever reason I have never gotten a dopamine hit from a rare drop and no matter how good the shooting is or isn’t I have always gotten bored of shooting in games.

I got Origin Basic for $0.99 so I’m grateful the few hours I played didn’t cost more than that. I might give an Anthem 2 a shot but Anthem lost its chance with me.

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So, I did my first stronghold last night.

It wasn’t good.

I played it on hard because on normal the game was piss easy, but I was truly not prepared for the sudden difficulty spike. I’m maining Interceptor right now and I was basically forced to play the opening sections as a cover shooter because all those Scars would get me dead in seconds.

There was also no communication between the squad, so as I was trying to take out enemies, another person would be flying towards the objective and I’d be teleported to them, which was infuriating.

And the boss just wound up being a boring bullet sponge with glowing weak points. Neat.

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I really like that your javelin can have a little cape, it is very silly and very cute and I love it a lot.


From everything I’ve heard about this game, an actual quality single player experience might have been really really fun instead of the “destiny but kinda crap” approach. Although I may as well just ask for something else, since that game wouldn’t have gotten made. Still, based on what I played of the beta I will probably will pick this up at some point later in the year when it is uh better because I’m a sucker for good traversal and yeah the flying is super cool haha

This flying is not inverted by default and that is madness, I say! Madness!

In terms of combat I’m finding that every fight is just a mess of particle effects and gunshots and it’s extremely confusing in a way I find overwhelming and impossible to follow with four people. I have no idea what Im doing or why. which is a shame because in any other style of game Bioware has made I could see myself getting kind of into the world they’ve made.

Coming from Ace Combat 7 has really fucked me up playing this game.


The macro-scale structure is as inherently broken as critics have said, freeplay in particular gives you no information at all about where world events/activities are happening at what times, they just sort of happen randomly. You get a ton of speed-bumps like that which should have been figured out, since Destiny already showed how to put all these parts together.

I’m still playing it though, because I find the combat pace much more exciting than Destiny (the abilities in Anthem are far more dynamic and interesting), and the mobility feels totally right for the scale of the world, in contrast to Warframe where your ridiculous ninja mobility doesn’t work well in concert with the bland recycled corridors.

You probably don’t want to be investing time into the game as-is right now. There’s a very high probability that the game will be radically transformed in a year from now, or just shut down in two years. I’ll still be playing for as long as the combat and free-roaming keeps my interest.

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And what’s really a shame is that the story missions that come after that open world grind are definitely a bit more memorable, with a few different setpieces and interesting plot developments. I think they were looking to put something in like Destiny does in some of their campaigns, with pushing you to get to know the freeplay (patrol in Destiny), and breaking up the pacing in the story.

But there’s a few problems with that - freeplay is poorly designed right now, with no real ability to coordinate with randoms, communicate, and intentionally find the events that you’d want to do. The other issue is that it’s throwing way too many checkboxes for you to fill in at once. If they had broken this up to have you occasionally tracking down one of these tombs, and doing these trials at a few different points in the story, rather than all at once, I think it would be way more palatable.

It all just reeks of something thrown together over the past few months, because they were told they had to ship by the end of this fiscal quarter by EA (conjecture, but seems like a reasonable guess). The bones of a really great game are there, but they just made so many baffling and slapdash game design decisions (particularly game flow and UX) that just keeps getting in the way of itself.


The Colossus is fucking rad, but I think it’s not getting much coverage because it’s kinda…bad? It’s supposed to be a damage soaking DPS machine but it doesn’t have the durability to survive. The shield is a really cool concept, but it seems like a straight downgrade compared to the other classes because it can only guard the front and you can’t fire while shielding. Still, running with the shield equipped is my mech fetish (most of the Colossus equipment is DIRECTLY up my alley. I’m only using LMGs because that’s what a big friggin mech should use).

I’m very torn on this game. It’s fun to run, fly, and blow stuff up but I keep getting sucked into digging through menus to either figure out the systems or understand what I need to do next.

The freeplay is frustrating too because there’s no markers for world events. One of my favorite things about Destiny 2 is getting 4-6 guardians in a public event organically. It’s easy because each one is marked on the map. Without that feature and significantly less players in a session, the world feels utterly barren. It’s easy to spend 20 minutes flying around and never seeing another player. A ping or matchmaking feature in freeplay would be welcome.

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Don’t have anything to add that hasnt been said BUT if you are on the fence Origin Access is $15 and gets you full access for a month which right now seems like all most people will want.

The Colossus is Not Good but it is aesthetically The Only Correct Choice. Laying down fire and charging into enemies is only part of the game that comes close to fulfilling my big ass mech fantasy.


Does the Colossus fuck?


In the world of Bastion, it’s always big boy season.