Anthem Thread for First Impressions, Criticism and Praise


First I want to qualify this post by saying Bioware has made two of my favourite games ever (ME:2, DA:I) and I’ve enjoyed both Destiny 1+2. I also haven’t actually played the game but have read reviews/watched streams. I literally am the target audience for this thing.

I’ve come away from time watching and reading about Anthem thinking that

It’s a new day but it all feels old
“It’s a good life” – that’s what I’m told
But every day, it all just feels the same
At my Fort Tarsis it felt more to me
Like a jail cell, a penitentiary
My time spent there – it only made me see
That I don’t ever wanna be like you
I don’t wanna do the things you do
I’m never gonna to hear the words you say and…

I don’t ever wanna– I don’t ever wanna be you
Don’t wanna be just like you
Uh, what I’m saying is
This is the Anthem, throw all your hands up
You, don’t wanna be you

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Anthem is still I game I want to like more than I actually do. The movement and flying feel great. I’ve been enjoying the combat a lot more than I did in the demo. I played through the entire story as a storm and recently switched to colossus and I’m loving how different it feels. I played about the half the game solo but had more fun when I did the rest of the game with coop randos.

Unfortunately, this is one of the buggiest games I’ve played in a long time. Multiple CTDs, infinite load screens, contracts that can’t be completed because the objectives don’t appear, or I get stuck in a loop of being outside the mission zone only to be reset back to where I started. Strongholds where the boss does not spawn. I just finished playing two strongholds where I loaded in at the final boss which didn’t spawn until the party wiped and then lost connection both times after beating it, losing the loot. The amount of armor seems to wildly fluctuate from mission to mission.

Apart from the technical issues, I wasn’t impressed with a lot of the writing in the game. I felt it did a poor job of introducing the story and the world, and I wish some of the more interesting world building wasn’t stuck in the cortex. I did start enjoying some of the characters a bit more in the later half of the game, and though some of the later character stories were interesting. It’ll be interesting to see how much ongoing storytelling they’re able to do in the future.

I really hope they’re able to make some improvements to the flow of the game. I wish I could start missions from out in the world. The process of the victory screen, the going back to fort tarsis, then going back out to the next contract really slows the game down and feel frustrating, especially once I’ve exhausted everyones dialogue and don’t want to mess around in the forge every time. The map could also use improvements. Its slow to move around in, can’t zoom in and out, and doesn’t show the world events.

I’m going to keep playing it, because I do like the core of the game, but I really hope bioware can solve the technical and quality of life issues soon.


This is the most frustrating thing about this game. I have a feeling there is a UX designer at Bioware doing the most “I told you so” dance that was ever danced. I do not understand why the victory screen is so slow or why the Forge needs a loading screen gap. Or why I can’t go directly to the expedition screen after a mission. The victory screen really should just be a layer over the choose next activity screen which loads instantly, and lists all possible contracts/strongholds. Fort Tarsis should be an “activity” wherever there’s something new for you do do there. If the primary game loop is to do contracts with friends/pubbies, that loop needs to be tight.


Spent about ten hours in it over the weekend, hoping that the game is going to get the chance grow and develop, looking forward to throwing a bunch more of my free time into it.


I’m really enjoying the game with friends and the gameplay feels so good …but there are a good bit of issues

A lot of it is just that it doesn’t tell you thinks or expects you to read through mountains of text voluntarily to get to them. I had to look up online to understand the combo system fully and what the elemental effects do. It took me going through menus to figure out when I got new blueprints for crafting.

Some menu options that you’d expect just aren’t there. Like you can’t make waypoints on the map, theres no prelaunch info about your health, shields, dps etc. only thing you get is with the equipment itself. I’m not sure if you can choose which mission to make priority and we had issues as a group trying to do the same missions

I feel like I’m underleveled on some missions but its hard to say, especially since they give us a 4th who is nearly double my level. We did the stronghold twice and the first time it took us hours to beat the boss cause we didn’t do much damage and got one shot. We did it again 10 levels later and did like 4x as much damage …but still got one shot.

Some things I can’t tell if they’re glitches or if i just did something different cause of the lack of information. Like at one point I had an infinite ice stream and committed to a freeze build on the next mission because of it only to find that the ice attack didn’t work that way anymore

Feels like the game doesn’t need changed so much as have features added and bugs fixed (and maybe some rebalancing but like idk without the proper info?). I’m worried EA will do the same thing they did with Andromeda and pull the plug rather than allowing it to be fixed


The leveling and difficulty scaling in the game is pretty confusing and opaque. But from what I’ve gathered, it’s a combination of difficulty setting, pilot level, and gear. So the higher pilot level you have, the higher the difficulty will be within each difficulty setting. So what ultimately determines how well you do is the quality of your gear relative to your pilot level. So I can see there being situations where you’ve had good drops for weapons and gear, but haven’t lucked out on components that significantly buff your shields/armor, resulting in the situation you described, where you’re doing significantly more damage, but can still go down super fast.


I’m not really sure thats the case here. My one friend playing interceptor got a nice shield mod that added an extra 40% shields on top of the shield mod’s increase and another 25% from his gun and also had an armor mod and still got one shot from mobs.
My friend in a ranger had a comparable shield mod to the first time and went from being 2 hit to being 1 hit from mobs
I play storm and was still one hit but i got a lot better at dodging so I didn’t mind so much.
oddly our weapons aren’t much better compared to last time so I don’t really understand how we did that much more damage.

tho I guess the encounter may have been re-balanced in the patch that happened between the two times we did it


I also think there’s some weird variance from session to session as far as health and shielding. I will go into consecutive sessions having 1 large green bar, then 5 green bars, then 12 green bars, then down to 3 green bars, without really changing my equipment in any significant way. I’ve seen some comments from devs that they will occasionally condense excessive green armor bars to fewer to have it be more readable, but in my experience, there’s no rhyme or reason to it. I’ve also seen talk on various forums that health is occasionally bugged to give you way less than what you actually have. So who knows? BioWare needs to fix a lot of stuff in this game.


…i did not know there were multiple bars. i think i saw a thin black line in the middle of mine once and i think thats it? oh and the colossus has a bunch of bars. huh I assumed that was specific to the colossus.

oh and i just found an article on that. did not know there was a healthbar bug
well that may explain it.
and like i said info would help so much. if i could see the number that my full shield is at before the mission and during the mission it would have been much easier to understand whats happening


I had always just assumed it was a difficulty scaling thing, but folks were saying they’d be doing the same event on the same difficulty multiple times and would always get different health bars. The BioWare rep on the Anthem subreddit was made aware of the bug last weekend, but no word on a fix for it last I checked, as BW has been unusually radio silent the past couple days. Hopefully it gets patched soon.


Kinda bummed that EA Access isn’t available for the PS4, since my computer can’t run it. I see all sorts of mixed things about the game, but I kinda want to track a live service game for like, 6-12 months for once, just to see how the game evolves over time.

Have there been any major patches since launch that has made noticeable changes?


Too anyone who may have gotten that far: Is there actually enough story stuff in the game to unlock all four Javelins? Some of the stuff I’m hearing makes it sound like level 26 is only attainable through grinding because there’s no more authored content left.


I got through all the side and main story content around level 27 or so.


Personally, I’ve been loving it. Yes there are odd design choices that don’t make much sense. But the moment to moment play in the open world, the sound when you take off in flight, the satisfying DING when you or a teammate gets a combo, and the general feel of combat in a javelin (I’m playing The Storm), is incredibly satisfying. The demos had me concerned, but not enough to cancel my preorder. I was so excited I paid $5 for a month of EA Access to play it early (knowing it wasn’t including the day one patch). I blew through the 10 hour trial over 2 days. By the time release came, I was psyched.

I’ve put over 20 hours into it. I’ve come to care about the characters in Fort Tarsis, even if the interactions just mean faction points and don’t have any meaningful effect on the overall story. I was legitimately upset when I made a knee jerk choice in the Leyton arc that I immediately regretted and wished I could take back when I realized what it meant. But that was it. I made my choice. And even though it doesn’t effect the overall story, it effected me. That’s what Bioware games are to me.

Do they need to fix some things? Definitely. But is it negatively effecting my enjoyment in the game? Not one bit. I’m having more fun with Anthem than I had in the first week of Destiny 1 or 2. Traversal in the world is just as satisfying to me as Spider-Man. And after playing the Stronghold for the first time, Destiny wishes it’s Strikes were that fun.

I desperately hope that it does well enough for EA to let Bioware continue to improve this game and that I’ll be able to play it for years to come.


There was a “day 1” patch which was more like a week after launch for non ps4 people, and they stealth nerfed the drop rates on masterwork gear at some point on saturday. Other than that no. I just found out apparently the game spawns a bunch of fake loot when you kill a boss so that there’s a “loot pinata” visual effect but most of it despawns after a second because this game is stingy. People figured out that if you stood under the boss you got all of it and then bioware banned some streamers for doing a boss checkpoint over and over.


Can you be more on this? That is not an intended behavior, nor have I personally seen loot work this way.


I’m at work so I can’t really scrub through a twitch vod or anything, but here’s the reddit thread talking about it. Bioware has now said they’re going to be talking about loot tomorrow, probably because a lot of the talk around it has turned sour.


Yeah I haven’t seen that either. I did the Stronghold a few nights ago and saw my loot drop, I walked over and picked it up. Nothing despawned. Same with any other boss I’ve fought.


Brad mentioned on yesterday’s Bombcast that he was having an alarming number of full console crashes on the PS4 version. I’d say, by the time the price comes down on those versions, the more severe issues should hopefully be dealt with.


My friend has 2 crashes last night.

I’ve had two total so far.