Anthem Thread for First Impressions, Criticism and Praise


Well, this is less than ideal


Yeah I’m, uh, pretty glad I’m playing on PC right now.


I’m very, very surprised this got through cert on Sony’s end.


Me too. I don’t know how something like this could get past cert from a console holder. If Anthem is legitimately causing consoles to get bricked, not only does Bioware need to shut down servers ASAP until it is fixed, but I think there’s legitimate reason for Sony to actually temporarily de-list the game. They just can’t be having a product for sale on their storefront that can actually render a console inoperable.


Ugh. Well that’s going to lead to some terrible press/reddit threads.


I’ve seen a number of posts from people in gamedev that suggest that cert isn’t all that stringent a process when if comes to actual software quality. The automated tests and binary checks are really just checking for missing things that can be easily verified. The human tests are looking for crashes in the simplest cases and failure to adhere to branding standards.

I’ve released my share of mobile software, and Apple’s process, which is notorious for rejecting apps for business reasons, almost never rejects due to quality. Googles process rejects nothing, AFAICT. There just isn’t the time or tools to find these sorts of issues in software of this size.

It would take a lot to brick a console these days. If I had to guess, it’s not a direct software flaw, but maybe a thermal flaw in the hardware exposed due to how underoptimized Anthem is and how long play sessions are?


Well there are reports of it hard locking PC’s and I can personally attest to an instance where the game’s performance tanked and the only way I could solve it was restarting my Xbox One X


Oh, welp that’s just…really bad all around! :upside_down_face:

I haven’t had any hard locks yet but I’ve had a couple crashes, so that does make me a little nervous.


Yeah. I had one hard lock on the first day I played. Reset and has been fine. I am running an ugly jury rigged beast kept alive through sheer will, so YMMV :slight_smile:


FWIW the reason I’m not playing Anthem is that the beta hard crashed my PS4 the very first time I played it. When the system wouldn’t even respond to a manual reboot for several minutes, which in the history of my PS4 occurred for me, I deleted the game immediately after rebooting, and have been suspicious of it ever since.

This is all to say that I don’t think the length of the play session is relevant here. When it crashed my system, I’d been playing maybe 10 minutes. Seeing all this conversation about similar crashes lifts my spirits a lil, because at least I know I’m not the only person who dealt with this BS. As someone who enjoyed ME:A on its own terms, I was kinda looking forward to Anthem, but I doubt I’ll even pick it up for cheap at this point.


uh, it turns out that Anthem has some… aggressive difficulty scaling going on here.


this seems like a more complex and offensive bug/flaw than any I’ve yet heard about in Fallout 76


TBH with how difficult balancing progression curves is, the galaxy brain answer is definitely to just lie to the player about how much damage they’re doing and have the whole thing be fake. if they had done it on purpose I would respect the hell out of it.

kinda like Bloodborne does, where all the weapons are fundamentally pretty similar and you basically just choose something because you like how it looks or like the moveset


While leveling to 30, I got two lucky Masterwork weapon drops that were around 8 levels higher than what I was using at the time. Both did barely any more damage than what I was already using, and now I think I understand why.

Edit: I wonder what the odds are that this’ll be mentioned on today’s developer stream?


I’m sure it’s quite difficult, and it’s very easy to fudge visible damage numbers while producing at least SOME scalable results, but this ultimately negates the entire purpose of these games, which is to grind for better gear. if there’s no better gear, what’s the point of the whole fuckin game?

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I could be all smug and be like what’s the point of anything, man but tbh yeah this is super embarrassing for bioware


Apparently this is a bug or oversight, and not intentional.

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Edit: oh, I actually read the list. Thats a totally different bug, although related I guess. What a wild game.

Oh, I thought more people knew about it. The early access was full (?) of people using the level 1 rail gun for the colossus since it did more damge than any legendary version


I mean, I loled. That’s so bad you just have to laugh. It’s the kind of moment the Picard facepalm meme was born to commemorate. Hugs to the programmers though, it’s got to hurt to see this sort of thing in live, no matter how it got there.

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Okay yeah the resolution to the campaign was really limp. Had that “oh god we’ve gotta get this finished in like 3 months” feel, on retrospect it’s pretty funny that the boss was killed by a strider to the face.

One thing that Destiny does really well which Anthem struggles with is interesting enemy design. They’re not particularly tough in either game, but Destiny’s enemy design has a ton of personality and variety, from their weak points to their well-telegraphed projectiles. The majority of Anthem’s enemies are generic grunts with hitscan weapons, which is a real drag.

I’m gonna settle into a pattern of playing a little bit over time, finishing whatever daily quests are there, and hoping that BioWare starts to get their ducks in a row on the macro-level design.


This aspect is a huge pet peeve of mine. Anthem gives you the illusion that you can dodge incoming fire, but you really can’t. Playing as a Colossus, that’s a huge friggin issue because I don’t even have a dodge.