Anti-Union activity at Ustwo games (Monument Valley, Assemble with Care)

This is such a massive disappointment considering how much I was recently singing the praises of Assemble with Care.

The management of Ustwo, the studio behind the multi-award winning Monument Valley video games, informed Austin Kelmore, the branch chair and founding member of the Game Workers Unite (GWU) UK branch of the IWGB , in late September that he would be put on gardening leave and then dismissed . This happened a few weeks after he was questioned by a senior manager regarding his trade union activity and just after he invited a group of Ustwo employees to a meeting to discuss rights at work.

Ustwo’s HR department had previously attacked Austin’s attempts to hold management to account and generate positive change at the company. In a meeting and subsequent email from October 2018, the HR department criticised the fact Austin spent time on “company feedback, diversity schemes and working practices” and the fact he “puts leadership… on the spot”.


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