Anxiety and Mental Blocks in Games

Hi! Hello. I deal with a handful of mood disorders, and feeling isolated is a big contributor to my darker moods. It’s always been helpful for me to chat and compare notes with others who deal with similar problems. There seems to be a broad intersection between people who struggle with their mental health and games enthusiasts, so maybe we can share a bit about the challenges we face and the techniques we use to bypass them.

Lately I’ve been having trouble with being motivated enough to play certain types of games. I want to get through Wolfenstein: The New Order so that I can see The New Colossus before all the Game of the Year stuff hits, but every time I sit down with time to play the task seems too big. I feel like I’m not in the optimal state to absorb the experience, and it would be a waste to play it like this. I’ll fall back on something where I can just spin my wheels without spending much mental energy like an MMO or lately Stardew Valley.

These lightweight games are a fine way to pass the time, but I’ve missed out on a ton of games I spent money on and really want to see – Pillars of Eternity, Tides of Numenera, Divinity 2, Prey, Shadow of War, and so on back into history. This feeds into feelings of guilt about leaving things undone or half-done.

I’ve had a little success in using the flip of a coin to decide what to play. Heads: Wolfenstein, tails: Final Fantasy XIV. I use the dumb septim that came with the Oblivion collector’s edition. If I get heads, I feel good about honoring a promise I made to myself even if I might miss a news clipping because I’m not currently the Avatar of Mental Focus. If I get tails that’s a PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE EXCUSE to just kill a billion lemurs.


Hey there folks,

Just wanted to address this first and remind our users that this is a public forum. While we want people to be able to feel comfortable in trying to relate to each other, we cannot control what other people will do with the personal information a person may share about their mental health situations or otherwise and urge everyone to be mindful of that fact.

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