Any Books Like Night In The Woods Or Kentucky Route 0?


I am interested!


gonna jump in with a few recs, even though i still have yet to actually play either of these games…

the walk (drew magary) is a brief hallucination of a novel, funny/sad/horrifying in equal measure. the ending is a little pat (shades of video game narratives?), but the journey there is amusing and awful.

mr. splitfoot (samantha hunt) is another surrealistic road trip novel, much more satisfying than the walk, but less game-y, more neil gaiman/lauren groff-y. very heavy on the american gothic tip.

and finally, one of my favorite novels by one of my favorite authors, chronic city (jonathan lethem). except even fans of lethem tend to think this one is a little overbaked and underdone. highly recommended for anyone who has a taste for the pynchonesque. a blunted exploration of a near future new york city, where people are overloaded by media options to the point of depression, where the ultrawealthy invest large sums of money in meaningless digital objects, where the cultural malaise is thick enough to cut with a knife. basically, it’s one of the best books about life post-2016 i’ve read, it just happened to be published a decade too early.